Is The 10K Playbook Legit? [Charles Mizrahi]

I recently came across a presentation by Charles Mizrahi with a title that reads:

“‘It’s Like Getting Tomorrow’s Headlines Today…’

The favorite resource of America’s most famous investors could help you double your investment in the next four years.”

Charles claims that the “10K Playbook” is often used by successful investors to earn big gains and you can emulate them by following his guidance as he uses it.

This article walks you through the pitch and by reading it, you should decide what to make of Mizrahi’s claims.

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What is the 10K Playbook?

The 10K Playbook is a presentation by Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing during which he introduces us to a document that guides his investments. He also calls it the “Billionaire’s Playbook” because it is typically used by the rich to invest better.

The 10K Playbook (Charles Mizrahi)

The interviewer, Corina Sullivan, describes it as “a treasure trove of corporate intel so sensitive, that it’s usually locked behind the doors of America’s most elite board rooms.” However, she reveals that there is a relatively unknown Act of Congress that obliges public companies to disclose this document once per year.

Mizrahi says that he has in the past used the information the 10K playbook contains to invest in companies like Apple, Huntington, and Microsoft before they went up exponentially, earning him huge returns. He now wants to show other retail investors how they can use it too to find the next stocks that may go up by over 100%.

The document Charles and Corina are referring to here is a company’s 10-K. The 10-K is a comprehensive report that public companies are required to file every year by the SEC. It contains more details than the annual report sent to shareholders before an AGM. The 10-K includes details like the company’s history, organizational structure, earnings per share, executive compensation, and financial statements, just to mention a few.

A 10-K is usually quite long and complicated but it contains valuable information you need to decide whether to buy or sell shares.

I know he is referring to the 10-K because he mentions quotes by Warren Buffet and Jim Rodgers praising its usefulness to investors and since they are successful investors, it all adds up (remember he also calls it the “Billionaire’s Playbook”).

Jim Rodgers is a big fan of reading 10-K reports and the quote Mizrahi uses in his pitch exemplifies this. Jim once told a reporter that when you read a company’s annual report “… you will have done more than 98% of the people on Wall Street.”

Warren Buffett analyzes a company’s annual report to better understand its operations and its competition from the business owner’s viewpoint. He does this because he believes that understanding a business from the owner’s perspective is better than reading a Wall Street Report and it gives you the fortitude to hold stock even when it suffers temporary setbacks.

The message Mizrahi passes here is that he wants you to emulate them and base your investment decisions on understanding a company’s 10-K. Therefore, he is promoting a long-term strategy.

After studying its 10-K report, he has spotted one company that he thinks will be a good buy that could earn you gains of 100% or more in the next four years. He describes it as follows:

  • It is in the business of offering cloud computing services
  • It owns numerous satellites in space right now that cover more area than every other network carrier.
  • In 2018, it entered a partnership with Amazon to develop its cloud-based software solutions.
  • It has 27 patents for its tech.
  • As the presentation was being released, it had a market cap of approximately $3 billion.

He has written a special report about it called How to Invest With the Billionaire′s Playbook: My No. 1 Stock to Own Right Now. You can get a free copy by joining his newsletter.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is a member of the editorial team at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been working for the company since 2019 and he edits an investment newsletter called the Alpha Investor.

Since he grew up in Brooklyn in a family that wasn’t well off, he believes that his humble upbringing was what inspired him to start offering advice to retail investors after he had become a success on Wall Street.

He joined the financial services industry at the age of 20. His first gig was on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He worked his way up to a money manager and at his peak, he was in charge of over $200 million (assets under management).

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How to invest using 10K Playbook?

Mizrahi says that you don’t have to learn to analyze the 10-K if you don’t want to because he will be offering investment recommendations after analyzing the document for you. For that, you have to join his investment advisory service, Alpha Investor.

When you sign up for it you get a copy of How to Invest With the Billionaire′s Playbook: My No. 1 Stock to Own Right Now, which comes with Mizrahi’s number one recommendation as well as a breakdown of the critical factors to understand when buying a stock. These factors are found in a company’s 10-K.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you also receive:

  • 12 monthly research briefings. Without fail, Charles sends you his 8-page briefing every month analyzing the market and pointing out the best stocks to add to your portfolio.
  • Access to Mizrahi’s model portfolio. It has all the stocks on his “buy it now” list.
  • Weekly updates and alerts. Every Wednesday, he sends you a video in which he summarizes the major events taking place in the market as well as answering frequently asked general questions.
  • A free subscription to a daily e-letter called American Investor Today. You receive daily market briefings and insights from Charles’s team.

You also receive free copies of two special reports, namely True Alpha: How to Spot Stocks That Will Soar 5-Fold and The Alpha Investing Manual.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription to Alpha Investor costs $47

Refund Policy

The Alpha Investor has a one-year money-back guarantee.

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Is “The 10K Playbook” a legit presentation?

I think the presentation is legit because Charles is an investment guru who offers investment advice through financial newsletters. I have even encountered his work before in my review of The American Prosperity Summit.

His trading strategy is based on analyzing 10-K reports to understand a company from the owner’s vantage point rather than that of Wall Street analysts. This approach is also used by legendary investors like Jim Rodgers and Warren Buffett – it is no wonder that he refers to it as the “Billionaire’s Playbook.”

Nevertheless, his presentation being legit doesn’t guarantee that his recommendations will earn you profits because all investments bear risk.

My Final Word on the 10K Playbook

The 10K Playbook presentation by Charles Mizrahi was meant to promote his newsletter, the Alpha Investor. Since his strategy is based on analyzing the 10-K document, Mizrahi wants you to outsource the annual report analysis part to him by signing up for the newsletter. He will then send you recommendations based on his analysis.

In this presentation, he prefers a long-term strategy where he finds a company with strong fundamentals and sticks with it because he understands its model after studying his annual report.

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