30 Day Success Formula – Is It A Scam?

Welcome to today’s review covering the 30 Day Success Formula.

30 Day Success Formula is a new “money making” system.

At least that is what it claims.

Today I’m sharing my honest review of it, giving you all the details.

30 Day Success Formula Review

Almost each one of us wants to be successful in our lives, whether it is financially, emotionally or mentally.. However, we may not know the right ways how to go about it.

In the process we look at many options and quite often we also end up making the right choice.

However, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the much talked about 30 Day Success Formula.

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There are many who believe that it is a wonderful and honest way to move forward in life.

On the other hand, there are others who believe that it is a scam.

So, where does the truth actually lie?

Let us try and find answers for the same so that the readers are able to take a decision based on facts rather than opinions.

Who Is The Founder Of 30 Day Success Formula?

Simon Petrowski is the co-owner and the Director of the popular 30 Day Success Formula.

He had a very difficult childhood having lost his parents when he was just four years old. He had to struggle quite a bit and do many odd jobs before he actually became successful.

He had a keen interest for direct mail and tried it around 20 years back.

The emergence of the internet has led to the gradual downfall of the offline direct mail industry. Hence, Petrowski has brought about some changes to the direct email system and made it more attractive. Hence, there are reasons to believe that this program has hit the market after quite a bit of research.

How Does 30 Day Success Formula Work?

This is basically an affiliate marketing program. The main objective of this program is to join and make some extra money by following the steps that are outlined in the 30 Day Success Formula program.

There are some news items that try and brand this as a MLM company. However, this may not be true because it is basically an affiliate program having only two levels of payments as commission.

The program is designed with the direct mail marketing concept in mind. The program has to be promoted with a sales letter.

The letter outlines the programs and also has a contact number where the person concerned has to contact.

Once a person decides to join this program, 3 separates letters will have to be mailed. Once the mails are sent, the two up-lines will get some money and some money will also go to the company.

Once the three letters have been processed, the member is now free to make us of their products and to earn money by recommending the program to others also.

When you sign up for this program you get a number of products. These include 8 modules of digital marketing courses.

These modules will help you get in getting some good knowledge about marketing online.

Further, you also will be eligible for discounts on travels and hotel accommodations. You also will be given a secured credit card and this could help in building a healthy credit rating.

However, this comes with an addition cost attached to it. You also get a booking manager for hotel stays and an ecommerce site for an extra cost.

Is 30 Day Success Formula A Scam?

There are a few who believe that 30 Day Success Formula is a scam.

However, if one goes through the program in detail and has a look at the products, the compensation plan and the different levels of compensations, it is quite obvious that it is a real business opportunity.

I still don’t really like it to be honest, but it’s not a complete scam.

It rewards those who work hard and of course there is no free lunch in this program or in life at all!

30 Day Success Formula Conclusion

When one looks at all the above information and also factors the various reviews and other such article, it is quite obvious that the 30 Day Success Formula is a great product and an honest program that is designed to offer extra money to those who are ready to work for it.

It is time-tested and proven and it is not a fly-by-night scam or offer.