7 Minutes Daily Profits – Honest Review

If you’re looking to earn $500 a day, 7 Minutes Daily Profits might just be the best option for you.

According to the creator of this software, Vince Howard, practically anyone can earn as much as $500 every day by spending 7 minutes on his software.

7 Minutes Daily Profits

He calls this a simple and easy to use money making software that gives you all the moolah you want.

But is it as simple to earn $500 a day as Vince claims?

Is this course legit or a scam? Let’s find out!

While the lofty claims from Vince would make 7 Minutes Daily Profits appear like a scam on the outset, it isn’t so in reality.

In fact, the website for this course features testimonials from several happy users who are absolutely contented with the performance of this course.

The idea behind this is quite simple. Its crux lies in your basic affiliate marketing and email marketing.

What’s more, it also includes some valuable tips for generating funds from solo ads.

Yes, with these ads you’d be able to generate traffic for individual landing pages.

The course is simple and easy to grasp, and you’ll find many users vouching for its exceptional results.

Who Is Behind 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

When we visited the website of 7 Minutes Daily Profits, we came across a short video from the founder Vince Howard.

He has a short video where he talks about the hardships he had to endure before finally getting to know the trick of making quick money.

As per the video, Vince has been featured in many leading magazines for his outstanding contributions in online marketing. He also claims to have made much more than $500 with his own guidelines and insights.

When you scroll through the website, you will also find a photo of his wife and kids.

But that is all we know about Vince.

No detail about his educational or professional background has been shared on the site.

7 Minutes Daily Profits – How Does It Work?

7 Minutes Daily Profits works exactly the way you’d expect any affiliate marketing scheme to work.

This product is based on three simple steps that’ll help you earn maximum cash.

Unlike the 30 Day Success Formula that has you waiting for a whole month, the & minutes Daily Profits is Quite unique. According to the founder, making money is easier than ever on his platform.

All you’ll practically need is your laptop and a good internet connection. What’s more, you won’t even need any free time for making your product. In fact, you can get started with this program even if you don’t have a product.

You can join this program regardless of your technical expertise because it’ll create everything you need on your behalf.

All you’ll have to do is perform some simple clicks with your mouse.

But what are the three steps that you need to do?

Step #1: It involves signing up and then logging in to the commission of Clickbank. This program will tell you all the details about signing up.

Step #2: Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have to trace your commission area, which is likely to have no sales or any impending payments.

Step #3: You will now have to follow the program guidelines to create links and share them. Once your links start getting shared and clicked, you can go on with refreshing the site for checking the updated amount you’ve earned.

7 minutes daily profits

Once you get this platform, you will understand the mechanism of solo ad traffic. It’ll also offer insights on building your very own sales funnel with the help of a template.

Once you’re done with that, the program will elaborate on how you can use link trackers with the help of Clickmagic, and how you can use email marketing services by integrating your sales funnel to GetResponse.

Finally, you’ll learn some invaluable tips on tapping in the traffic from Google and social media platforms.

7 Minutes Daily Profits – Is This a Scam?

No, with the testimonials and the reviews of the program, 7 Minutes Daily Profits doesn’t seem like a scam. On the contrary, it seems like a viable program that’ll help you build wealth with online marketing.


  • 24X7 dedicated team to address your queries.
  • You can earn money flexibly.
  • Doesn’t require you to ace any trade.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Website doesn’t have much detail about the maker.
  • You cannot access this program without the internet.

7 Minutes Daily Verdict…

Now that you have a clear idea about 7 Minutes Daily Profits, sign up for this program right away to make maximum profits with minimum effort!