Is Adam O Dell’s Home Run Profits Legit?

Looking for a review of Adam O’Dell’s newsletter, Home Run Profits?

I recently stumbled across an email from Adam urging me to consider signing up for the newsletter. So I dove into it to find out how the newsletter works and in this article, I will share my findings.

Once you read this quick overview of the newsletter, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do further research into it. I hope you find this useful.

Before we start…

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What is Home Run Profits?

Home Run Profits is a follow-along investment advisory service that is offered by a firm called Money and Markets. It is edited by Adam O’Dell.

To better understand how it works, I sat through a presentation in which Adam is interviewed by Charles Sizemore (a contributor at Money and Markets). The discussion centers on the investment philosophy behind it.

Home Run Profits by Adam O'Dell

Charles points out that the market has been on a bull run since 2012 and passive investors who bet on index funds since then have been in the green. In the same breath, he also acknowledges that what they’ve made pales in comparison with what some short-term traders have accumulated within that period.

Adam then informs us that he formulated the Home Run Profits strategy in 2012 at the behest of a Harvard economist who recruited him. The economist wanted Adam to help his community set aside a small percentage of their portfolio and use it to earn disproportionately large returns.

Therefore, Adam’s strategy is not meant to dominate your portfolio. You should only allocate a tiny portion of it because what he offers are speculative trades. He even admits that you should leave a majority of your money in safe, long-term assets.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is an investment guru who writes about the market and runs advisory services targeting retail investors. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which means that he is a technical analyst.

He is the chief investment strategist of Money and Markets, a boutique investment research firm based in Florida. It publishes newsletters that are meant for Main Street investors.

He designs technical trading systems (such as the one he created for Home Run Profits) that enable him to analyze market trends and spot investment opportunities that may earn him outsized returns. Sometimes, he focuses on mining stocks.

Adam is also a speaker and a market commentator. Concerning the latter, he has made appearances at major media networks.

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How does Home Run Profits work?

To find investment opportunities, Adam developed a system that enables him to spot the stocks that are about to start going up. He juxtaposes long-term and short-term momentum lines on a price chart.

When a stock maintains long-term momentum it means that it has overcome temporary price shocks and is consistently going up. It has to maintain this momentum for six months, which is usually enough to shake out the sellers leaving behind only long-term investors. Only then is it considered.

The second part is the short-term momentum. This part is important because it indicates that there is demand for the stock that can sustain the continued price rise.

To summarize, long-term momentum is sustained by investors who buy and hold, and the short-term momentum is caused by new buyers joining in.

When the lines representative of the two cross paths, it usually indicates that the stock is likely to explode.

What Adam refers to as “momentum” could be a stand-in for “moving average.”  This makes sense because short-term and long-term moving averages are often used by technical analysts as predictive tools for short-term plays.

In addition to the moving averages, Adam has since added a “Green Zone Rating System,” which means that he is adding fundamental analysis to his system to produce better outcomes.

After finding a stock that meets his criteria, he trades options on it rather than invest directly. This enables him to leverage his investment for bigger returns and make money irrespective of the direction he expects the stock to move (going up, down, or maintaining its price level).

Now that we know how it works, what do you get when you sign up for Home Run Profits? As a new subscriber, you will receive…

  • Trade alerts two to three times every month. These come with new trade recommendations.
  • Access to the model portfolio.
  • Weekly updates.
  • Free access to all special reports.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription goes for $1,495

Refund Policy

The fee is non-refundable

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Is Home Run Profits legit?

Home Run Profits is a legit investment newsletter through which Adam O’Dell shares his investment insights. He sends his subscribers new investment recommendations and they can either follow his advice or choose not to.

Although the newsletter is legit, that doesn’t mean that Adam’s advice works out all the time. Since his strategy is to time the market, he gets some calls wrong and you may even lose money while following his advice.

Benefits of Home Run Profits

  • When you join the newsletter, you receive investment insights from Adam, who is a CMT. He does all the work for you and all you have to do is place your trades.
  • Since his trades are short-term, you are not exposed to long-term volatility.

Drawbacks of Home Run Profits

  • It is relatively expensive for a follow-along research service.
  • Market timing is not sustainable in the long haul.

My Final Word on Home Run Profits

Home Run Profits by Adam O’Dell is an investment research service that is based on a market timing strategy and options trading. Adam relies on moving averages as predictive tools to inform his decisions.

Although originally he only relied on technical analysis, he now also has a stock-rating system (fundamental analysis).

Before you join his newsletter, do more research into it to ensure that you understand how it works as well as its implications because once you pay the $1,495 annual fee, there are no refunds.

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