What Is Alex Koyfman’s $6 Semiconductor Company?

In his presentation concerning a $6 Semiconductor Company, Alex Koyfman promises to show us how we can turn $1,000 into $313,000 by investing in the right company.

Thus, when I received an invitation to check it out, I wanted to find out whether there was substance to his assertion.

Therefore, I decided to take a closer look before writing this review in which I give you a quick recap of the presentation, mentioning the key points he raises in his pitch. I even reveal the name of the $6 semiconductor company that the presentation centers on.

Before we start…

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What is the $6 Semiconductor Company?

$6 Semiconductor Company is the title of the teaser released by Angel Publishing – a boutique investment research firm – to promote one of the newsletters they publish called Microcap Insider.

$6 Semiconducter Company by Alex Koyfman

The presentation was made by Alex Koyfman, who is the lead editor of Microcap Insider.

Besides advertising the newsletter, the premise of the presentation is to alert us to a company trading at $6 per share (as they published the video) that manufactures semiconductors.

The conversation begins with memory devices whereby Alex talks about how volatile memory (DRAM) is proving to be an inconvenience when used in devices that are part of IoT networks.

According to him, it is not ideal because it needs a constant power supply to function and loses everything when the power goes off. Batteries supply the energy and they have to be charged or replaced regularly. This increases the costs and overall demand on the power grid.

His solution? Use another type of memory storage device he calls “Forever Memory.”

He says that it can hold data for up to 20 years without power and when you need to retrieve its contents, you just need to power it up. This, he explains, is why it is perfect for when IoT devices become ubiquitous.

After doing a bit of research, I found out that what Koyfman calls “Forever Memory” is Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM).

The smoking gun that led me to this was the study that Alex cited that was done by NASA in 2013 about MRAM.

And this begs the question: if forever memory already exists, why is not popular?

Koyfman says it comes down to the production costs. MRAM is expensive to make and at the moment, it is only used in applications that justify those costs.

However, he believes that things may not necessarily remain that way due to something called Wright’s Law.

Wright’s Law states that the more of a product you make, the cheaper it becomes to make it. This means that as we make more MRAM chips, the marginal cost will reduce to a level where this type of memory will be feasible for universal application.

The $6 Company Making MRAM Chips

Alex Koyfman has found a company that makes MRAM; he expects it to soar as Wright’s Law takes effect. He does not mention its name but describes it as follows:

  • It is one of the few companies making “Forever Memory” in the world. It has 220 U.S Patents.
  • Western Digital, which manufactures hard disks and other memory devices, has a stake in it.
  • It counts companies like Broadcom, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Siemens, and Honeywell as its clients.
  • It had a market cap of $120 million as Koyfman was making his presentation.

The $6 Semiconductor Company that Alex is talking about is Everspin Technologies (MRAM).

Everspin is the only company in the country that makes MRAM. It was a part of Freescale before it branched off.

The event that Koyfman mentions that will be the catalyst for Everspin going up has to do with 5G. He expects 5G to bring about the growth of IoT, which will translate to more devices that will require MRAM.

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Who is Alex Koyfman?

Alex Koyfman is an investment guru who has been an active participant in the financial industry for almost two decades.

Unlike most other analysts, Alex does not have a formal education (with regards to trading). He took it up as a hobby as a teenager and got serious with it as a young adult. He even gave up a career in law to pursue trading professionally.

He joined Angel Publishing in 2014 and has since been offering investment advice to retail investors. I recently edited another presentation he recently released that was about “The Most Hated Metal In The World.”

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What you get when you join Microcap Insider

At the beginning of this review, I mentioned that the whole point of the presentation was to get more people to subscribe to Alex’s newsletter, the Microcap Insider.

For those who couldn’t find out the name of the $6 company, he wrote a dossier called Forever Memory: Retire Rich on the Semiconductor Revolution that was meant to reveal it to them; if you have read this review, you won’t be needing that.

If you still want to go ahead and sign up for Alex’s newsletter, you can expect to receive weekly issues of the newsletter with penny stock recommendations. Most of the companies he touts are in the technology industry (as the teaser proves).

You also get real-time buy and sell alerts for the more urgent moves that can’t wait for the weekly newsletter.

On top of the main report, you also get two extra ones as a bonus. They are:

  • The Penny Stock Quick-Start Guide
  • The Next Corporate Linchpin: Cashing in on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Subscription Fee

A one-year subscription costs $999

Refund Policy

You have 90 days to try out Microcap Insider and if you wish to terminate your subscription within that period, you may receive a refund.

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Merits of the $6 Semiconductor Company presentation

  • It lets you subscribe to the newsletter at a discount.
  • You also receive extra reports as a bonus.

Is $6 Semiconductor Company legit?

The $6 Semiconductor Company presentation is legit.

Alex Koyfman is a real investing expert and Angel Publishing is a legitimate publishing company and that means that there is nothing fishy about the presentation. What tends to put people off regarding teasers like these is the over-the-top sales language that gurus like Alex apply. That being said, if you examine the opportunity objectively, you may learn something from him.

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My Final Word on $6 Semiconductor Company

Although I think the presentation is legit, I must point out that you should not invest in Everspin Technologies (MRAM) expecting to earn huge returns on your investment in the short term. Why? It will take time for its operation to scale up or even for MRAM to be adopted by the masses.

This doesn’t repudiate its practicality or even its potential; just that it will take time for you to earn the kind of returns Alex says it will. If you are to follow his advice, you’ll need to be patient for the technology to be mass-adopted.

If you intend to invest in it (even if you intend to hold long-term), do more research into the company because there may be hidden details that can change its outlook that Koyfman did not highlight.

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