American Prosperity Summit by Charles Mizrahi Legit?

Looking for a review of the American Prosperity Summit by Charles Mizrahi. 

I had been receiving invitations to check it out for a while, so I decided to take a look to determine what Charles is on about this time. 

After doing my research, I put together this review outlining what they covered during the event as well as whether I think it is worth the trouble. Keep reading to learn more about it. 

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What is the American Prosperity Summit?

The American Prosperity Summit is a webinar hosted by John Burke and Sarah Palin, featuring Charles Mizrahi. Although they talk about the economy, it was mainly intended to promote his (Charles) investment advisory service, The Alpha Investor Report. 

The American Prosperity Summit by Charles Mizrahi, Sarah Palin

Just to clarify, if you are familiar with Sarah Palin, who was Sen. John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential elections, she is the one that was hosting the summit. She was also the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009.

Sarah and John start the pitch by acknowledging that the economy has seen rough times in 2020 due to the pandemic. The stock market has also been affected; in the form of runaway volatility during the initial months of the pandemic.

Since many Americans lost money as a result, they have a solution that they believe investors can implement to earn money in the new economic climate. Sarah calls it a “weapon” that she has used to make money in the volatile markets.

The weapon in question was created by Mizrahi, unsurprisingly, and it has to do with his investment newsletter. 

But before we get to that, Sarah and John state that there are three approaches that retail investors have to take when investing in the stock market. 

One is by hiring a financial advisor, whom you entrust with your money and in exchange, you have to pay fees, which eat into your net returns. Another downside of this approach is that you have to settle for lower returns than passive investors — passive investors historically outperform active managers.

The second approach is to do everything on your own. This means that you have to study the market and make decisions that you believe will lead to you making money. The downsides are that you have to dedicate a lot of time and resources to the endeavor and chances are, you will underperform the professional (and more experienced) active managers we cited above.

The third approach is to use Sarah’s “weapon,” which entails subscribing to Mizrahi’s newsletter that gives general investment advice. It gives you the best of the other two approaches.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is an investment guru who works for Banyan Hill Publishing. He brings more than 35 years of experience in the investment world where he’s spent a majority of it offering investment advice. 

He began his career at the age of 20, working at the New York Futures Exchange. He went on to have a successful career as a money manager, working for firms like Citibank, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs. 

Therefore, on the experience front, he has had a decent career and you’d expect that he learned a great deal about how the market works while he was working there. 

He left Wall Street and started publishing investment newsletters. He currently edits Alpha Investor Report and Winning Investor Daily at Banyan Hill.

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What do you get for Attending the American Prosperity Summit?

During the American Prosperity Summit, Charles explains how his investment strategy works. His main focus is to beat his benchmarks by finding stocks that earn overall returns that are greater than 100%.

To achieve that, he follows three steps: 

  1. Find a stock in an “alpha industry.” This means an established but growing market and this includes 5G, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, just to mention a few.
  2. Find companies with good leadership. 
  3. Find a company with good financials i.e. the balance sheets, income statements and, cash flow statements should indicate good financial health. 

Charles mentions that he has identified one company that meets these requirements that he is willing to share with people who subscribe to his newsletter. 

He has written about the company in a report called America’s Alpha Stock: The Company Leading a $708 Billion Revolution. 

He doesn’t divulge any meaningful information about it and merely says that it employs 33,000 Americans, increased its revenues by $424 million last year, and is involved in a $708 billion market. 

He intends to reveal its name to people who subscribe to his newsletter, the Alpha Investor Report. Other benefits of subscribing to the advisory service include: 

  • Monthly research briefings about the market trends of the day and the stocks you should purchase. 
  • Access to the Model portfolio, which Charles has been working on since he launched the newsletter. 
  • Weekly updates and alerts. Each wednesday, he sends a video updating you on the markets that have been emerging and what they mean for your investments.
  • Access to the members-only, encrypted website.
  • Daily market briefings. You get a subscription to a free newsletter called The Winning Investor Daily. 

Subscription Fee

They charge an annual subscription fee of $47

Refund Policy

The newsletter is backed by a one-year money-back guarantee.

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Is the American Prosperity Summit Legit?

I think the American Prosperity Summit is legit. 

Charles Mizrahi has been actively investing and offering investment advice for more than three decades. That means that he has at least done a few things right during that period, otherwise he wouldn’t have an audience. 

Nevertheless, although I think the event is legit, that’s no guarantee that his recommendations, were you to follow them, will earn you returns. What he mentions in the presentation is just meant to market his newsletter. Therefore, don’t be surprised that he has downplayed his failings (which are not a bad thing) and dwelled on his successes. 

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My Verdict on the American Prosperity Summit

Charles Mizrahi brought on Sarah Palin to give the American Prosperity Summit more credibility in the eyes of prospective subscribers. He, like other gurus who feature well-known figures in their presentation, wanted to give the impression that his message is attracting major personalities and, therefore, has to be really good. 

Although Sarah talks up Charles’ strategy as an effective one that she approves of, you shouldn’t just take her word for it. After all, you are putting your hard-earned money on the line, not hers. 

The best thing to do is evaluate Mizrahi’s strategy objectively before you reach a conclusion and either invest in his newsletter or go for alternatives.

That being said, it is better to follow his advice for $47 than go it alone. If you change your mind about his methods, you are protected by the 365-day money-back guarantee.  


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