Banyan Hill Publishing Review

Looking for a review of Banyan Hill Publishing?

I’ve done reviews of services and newsletters offered via Banyan Hill for a while so I decided to take a closer look at the publisher behind them.

I’ve researched it to find out more and put together an honest review discussing the services they offer as well as the experts who offer them. I also share my verdict on whether the publisher is legit.

Keep reading below to get all the info.

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Introduction to Banyan Hill

Banyan Hill Publishing is a research and publishing firm that comprises of a network of financial experts who help ordinary people make sound financial decisions.

Banyan Hill Publishing Reviews

The experts and their teams research investment, asset protection, and entrepreneurial opportunities and distill their findings into financial advice for their clients.

Banyan Hill Publishing has its offices at Delray Beach, FL but it has branches in Vancouver, Washington, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The investment experts at Banyan Hill Publishing offer the following services:

  • They help their customers identify profitable trends and enterprises that have the potential for growth and profitability.
  • They provide information on emerging markets that helps investors navigate them.
  • They provide asset management advice to enable their clients to avoid unnecessary government oversight and taxation.
  • They analyze market data on behalf of their clients to help them make sense of it.
  • They cover news stories that the mainstream financial media neglects and determine how it will impact the financial landscape while advising their clients to act accordingly.
  • They avail relevant financial reports to their clients.

Banyan Hill Publishing specializes in providing unconventional advice that other conventional financial advisors shy away from if it has the potential to make money.

As a business, Banyan Hill has been quite successful particularly since they rebranded (more on this later). Its recommendations since it was founded have yielded profit margins that have gone above the 100 million dollar mark.

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Who is the founder/creator of Banyan Hill?

Banyan Hill was founded by a group of financial experts in 1998 as “The Sovereign Society.” Back then, they pushed globalized investment strategies through which they encouraged their clients to look past the US market.

They encouraged their clients to diversify and embrace global investment opportunities

But in 2016, the firm was rebranded with the name changing from The Sovereign Society to Banyan Hill Publishing. Although that in itself was significant, greater change was happening in the background.

Notably, the firm changed its approach from predominantly focusing on global opportunities of investment to encourage their clients to look inwards and focus on local (American) investments.

Banyan Hill is owned by The Agora, which also owns the publishing firm that goes by the name Agora Financial. (Agora Financial is a bit like Banyan Hill in that it offers investment advice to its clients and follows an analogous organization model).

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Market Research (Tool)

Banyan Hill Publishing Reviews

Market Research is a section on the website that provides you with a free online tool for tracking live movements in the market. It enables you to research in real-time providing you with live charts of various indexes, the biggest gainers in the market, and the biggest losers.

Who are the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing?

Banyan Hill has a couple of financial experts in its books who offer financial advice to their subscribers. Some of them are bestselling authors and others have managed investment portfolios for high net worth individuals. They include:

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investor and a former hedge fund manager. His advisory services are Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, 10 Million Portfolio, and Rapid Profit Trader.

Paul used to work for major Wall St. firms before he quit his posh job at the age of 42. He decided to help Main Street Americans make money. He believes that if he helps them find the stocks that are bound to go up, he can help them make enough money for their retirement.

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Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an investment analyst, geologist, and newsletter editor. He publishes three paid services at Banyan Hill. They are Apex Profit Alert, Front Line Profits, and Real Wealth Strategist.

He was formally trained as a geologist. Before he joined the publisher, he was working as a geologist for a mining company and a consultant to another company.

His is a hands-on, boots-to-the-ground approach, which means that he frequently visits mines and other operations that he is considering recommending to his readers.

Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the son of Robert Bauman, a former Congressman. He has the largest readership of all the experts working for Banyan Hill Publishing, with 100,000 subscribers.

He joined Banyan Hill in 2013. He edits The Bauman Daily, The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and 10X Project.

Ted has lived in Africa and Asia, where he spent most of the time working as a consultant for governments on matters to do with the relationship between economic and political dynamics. He brought that knowledge and experience to his writings.

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Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is the executive editor at Banyan Hill Publishing.

He joined the publisher in 2015. Before that, he had spent over 20 years investing in the stock market as well as working as a financial journalist. He was an anchor and correspondent of a business program called Nightly Business Report that aired on PBS.

He interviewed major players in the investment universe, including Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet.

He edits Total Wealth Insider and co-edits Jeff Yastine’s Profit Line.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi has been active in the investment universe for over 35 years. During that period, he has made a name for himself as a market timer, beating the major indices and earning returns consistently for his clients.

The advisory services he edits at Banyan Hill Publishing are Alpha Investor and 8-Figure Fortunes. He also writes a weekly article for Winning Investor Daily.

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Chad Shoop

Chad is the income and investment research expert at Banyan Hill. He has two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina (in finance and economics).

He is one of the few Chartered Market Technicians at Banyan Hill Publishing.

He has created three trading systems that subscribers use to grow their wealth. He publishes Automatic Profits Alert, Pure Income, and Quick Hit Profits.

Ian King

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager. He has been active in the finance industry for more than two decades.

He worked for major companies on Wall St. before he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He is an expert at cryptocurrency investing.

He publishes two services at Banyan Hill Publishing. They are Crypto Profit Trader and Automatic Fortunes. He also runs a crypto training course on Investopedia Academy.

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Michael Carr

Like Chad Shoop, Michael Carr is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

He is an author of two books on investing. They are Smarter Investing in Any Economy and Conquering the Divide.

He also contributes to publications that discuss trading, including Futures Magazine, MoneyShow, SFO Magazine, and Journal of Technical Analysis.

He publishes two services via Banyan Hill Publishing: Peak Velocity Trader and Precision Profits.

Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer is an investment analyst with a degree in Finance.

He passed all the three levels of CFA exams thereby demonstrating that he has a good grasp of accounting, portfolio management, and economics, just to mention a few.

He co-edits the $10 Million Portfolio and Rapid Profit Trader with Paul Mampilly and contributes to Winning Investor Daily and Smart Profits Daily.

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Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher is one of the senior analysts at Banyan Hill. He and Jeff Yastine co-publish Profit Line and Total Wealth Insider.

Before he joined the publisher in 2018, he used to work as a company executive.

He has a knack for identifying undervalued companies that are likely to spike in the stock market.

John Ross

John specializes in helping investors grow their wealth safely and sustainably. He has studied pattern analysis, global macroeconomics, and investor behavior.

He can spot investment opportunities created by predictable investor behavior.

He is working on his CMT certification.

He edits the Apex Profit Alert.

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Premium Services Provided by Banyan Hill Publishing

Although Banyan Hill’s website covers investment news and opportunities, its subscribers accrue more value from its subscription services.

The bulk of their “hidden” tips and opportunities can only be accessed by subscribing to the premium content.

In the premium content category, you will find different newsletters provided by different authors. To join a program, you have to pay the subscription fee. Here are overviews of these services:

Automatic Fortunes

Automatic Fortunes is published by Ian King. He focuses on trends in the tech industry that he finds to be capable of delivering massive returns. He follows a four-step strategy to identify those tipping-point trends.

The Bauman Letter

Ted Bauman has designed a system called BOLD (an acronym for Big Vision, Open for Takeoff, Logical Move, and Distinct Catalyst). He uses it to find potentially profitable companies in the market before they fulfill their potential.

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Total Wealth Insider

Jeff Yastine seeks to teach his subscribers how to make money by trading in the stock market. He targets companies that are showing promise before Wall Street catches wind of them. He helps them make sense of the market.

Real Wealth Strategist

Matt Badiali, a professional geologist, believes that the natural resources industry holds untold riches. He uses this service to help his readers navigate the industry and make profits that many investors only dream about.

Profits Unlimited

This is Paul Mampilly’s flagship advisory service. He even has a book of the same name.

With it, he uses a trading strategy called GoingUpness to target stocks in emerging sectors in the tech industry. His recommendations are typically companies in precision medicine, new energy, blockchain, AI, IoT, and other sectors.

Alpha Investor

Charles Mizrahi focuses on undervalued stocks that are flying under Wall Street’s radar. To achieve this, he uses the Alpha-3 approach which he spent close to 40 years developing.

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Profit Line

Brian Christopher and Jeff Yastine have teamed up and created a strategy that enables them to monitor insider behavior as they search for the next gain. The two analysts complement each other because Brian has a way with elite insiders and Jeff has investor expertise.

IPO Speculator

Paul Mampilly targets private companies that are on the verge of an IPO or companies that have just gone public. He has 26 points which he uses to evaluate probable recommendations. He intends to earn fast profits from these investments.

Small-Cap Alert

Ian King bases his recommendations on a trading strategy that he terms unconventional. He uses it to identify exponential trends and the companies behind those trends. These are typically small companies with the potential of becoming the next Amazons or Netflixes.

Pure Income

Chad Shoop’s Pure Income strategy is meant to help his followers to double their investments in a few months. Chad prioritizes safety, making it one of the most popular services offered by Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Quick Hit Profits

Chad Shoop uses this service to help his followers make the most out of earnings announcements. He has a trading system that enables him to predict how a stock will move after an earnings announcement.

True Momentum

Paul Mampilly seeks to invest in established companies with a market cap of $3 billion or more. These are companies with established business models that are about to enter their first wave of growth.

Rebound Profit Trader

Paul Mampilly targets companies whose stocks have fallen dramatically due to excessive panic. These are companies that he expects to bounce back because the markets read them wrong. He invests in their stock options.

Flow Matrix Alert

Jeff Yastine teamed up with Brian Christopher creating a system that enables investors to grab gains through momentum investing. The premise of their strategy is to beat the market while they are at it.

8 Figure Fortunes

Charles Mizrahi uses this service to show his followers how they can earn returns of 1,000% or more in 12 to 18 months. To achieve this, he shows them how to target special-situation stocks.

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Automatic Profits Alert

Chad Shoop uses this service to recommend ETFs and stocks that you should hold for a short period. He tells you when you should buy and sell.

Apex Profit Alert

Ian King has a proprietary indicator that exploits business and behavioral cycles to determine the best time to invest in the natural resources sector – he considers it the most predictable sector in the market. He trades options.

Ted Bauman’s 10X Project

Ted promises to help his readers grab 10 times what they invest if they follow his recommendations. He does that by using investment strategies that are typically used by the ultra-rich.

Alpha Stock Alert

Ted Bauman focuses on what he considers the hottest sectors in the market. Then he sets out to find the best companies within those sectors. The final step is determining the best time to buy; for that, he enlists technical indicators.

Extreme Fortunes

With Extreme Fortunes, Paul aims to recommend disruptor companies. These are usually young tech companies that are caught amid megatrends. They have massive potential but they tend to be volatile.

Rapid Profit Trader

Paul recommends options based on the performances of the overlying stocks. He believes that by identifying stocks that show momentum, he can invest in the underlying options to capture larger returns much faster.

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Front Line Profits

This is Matt’s attempt to show his readers to investments in small-cap stocks that are about to surge. He says that his recommendations usually have the potential to jump by up to 1,000%.

Peak Velocity Trader

Michael Carr uses a customized indicator to profit from momentum shifts. He uses what he refers to as “velocity trades” to earn massive returns on his investments quickly and consistently.

Precision Profits

Michael Carr unearths new trends using his proprietary trading formula. He claims to have developed the formula while he was working as a missile architect for the Pentagon. He finds “profit windows” with the hope of exploiting them.

Crypto Profit Trader

This is Ian King’s cryptocurrency investment advisory. He uses a three-part trading strategy to identify winning cryptocurrency trades as well as share significant events in the world of cryptos.

One Trade

Matthew Carr aims to beat the market with his trading strategy. He recommends options that are on the SPDR Down Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust.

100X Club

When you join the 100x club, Paul Mampilly recommends small-cap stocks that have the potential to grow by 10,000%. These are stocks that institutional investors abstain from but that can surge.

Given the disproportionate risk that investing in penny stocks exposes you to, Paul relies on 20 characteristics to identify companies that have a realistic chance of meeting his projections.

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The $10 Million Portfolio

With this service, Paul intends to create a portfolio comprising of long-term investments. These investments feature undiscovered stocks that have massive upside. He casts his net wide targeting foreign stocks, trusts, speculative options, and many other investment vehicles.

Services that incorporate other services

This special group affords you access to more than one advisory.

Matt Badiali’s Inner Circle

This service gives you access to all the services that Matt Badiali offers. It is considerably cheaper to subscribe to Matt Badiali’s Inner Circle than it is to subscribe to his services separately.

Paul Mampilly’s Inner Circle

This premium plan gives you access to all of Paul’s newsletters and services. It provides you with different approaches and unique styles of investing. It also saves you money because it is cheaper, overall, than subscribing to each of his services separately.

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Total Wealth Fellowship

This VIP membership gives you access to every service published on Banyan Hill. It enables you to access a wide variety of services from gurus with varying investment approaches. At the same time, it saves you the money you’d use to subscribe to each service individually.

Free Newsletters offered by Banyan Hill Publishing

In addition to the premium services, Banyan Hill Publishing also provides you with a catalog of free newsletters. These newsletters are written by a panel of experts and the material therein is based on in-depth research and analysis of the market.

Bauman Daily

Ted Bauman and his team of experts provide you with an analysis of real investment opportunities in an easy-to-understand language.

Bold Profits Daily

This newsletter is written by Paul Mampilly and his team of analysts. Their work embodies a wide range of risk tolerance and investment acumen.

Great Stuff

This newsletter incorporates contributions from most of the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Smart Profits Daily

This newsletter is designed to empower you with the truth. The writers provide you with asset protection tips, offshore investment opportunities, and alternative investment strategies. All these are aimed at helping you grow your wealth.

Winning Investor Daily

This newsletter provides you with a dose of vital market updates and newsworthy stock movements. The writers discuss new trends, trading cycles, chart developments, and other topics related to investing.

Is Banyan Hill Publishing Legit?

Banyan Hill Publishing is legit. I believe that it is a legitimate company and its services are transparent.

They have received bad publicity in the past over failed advice but that is as far as it goes.

The reality with investment advice is that it is not always 100% guaranteed to lead to positive returns. You can bet that even Warren Buffet has made some bad calls in his career but that doesn’t mean that he is a fraud.

The firm merely provides you with recommendations and it is up to you to act on it or ignore it. The opportunities presented can potentially bring in big returns but they may also end in losses.

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My Verdict on Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing does not give conventional investment advice and that has its benefits as well as downsides.

It is good because the experts alert their readers to rare investment opportunities. Such opportunities rarely get any airtime on mainstream channels even when they often end up opening new doorways for financial success.

Additionally, they help individual investors navigate unpredictable markets successfully with their advice; something that most people cannot manage to accomplish on their own.

On the flip side, a significant disadvantage of their model is that they are not entirely open about the inherent risks of their investment strategies.

If you listen through most experts’ presentations, they emphasize their successes and downplay their failures. I think more people would buy into their philosophies if they balanced their message by admitting where they fall short to allow listeners to choose them irrespective of their shortcomings.

That being said, if you want a different take on investing, you can join any service offered by Banyan Hill Publishing that suits your investment style. You are guaranteed to learn something new if not making more profits off of your investments.

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