Copy My Email System – Scam Exposed?

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Looking for reviews of Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System is a new website that claims it can help you make between $160 and $440 per day sending simple emails.

In this rapidly changing world and with the ever-increasing inflation, everyone needs an additional source of income, apart from their regular source of income.

If you are looking for the right platform to earn a side income then there is nothing better than trying out various systems like Copy My Email System but you do need to do your research to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Copy My Email System makes big claims but can it really live up to the hype?

My honest review will share all the details for you.

First things first…

I’ve reviewed dozens of programs like this but this is still my #1 recommendation to start a business.

Copy My Email System – CMES Live Review

Today we are going to be sharing information on Copy My Email System. Here is what you’ll discover inside this review:

What Is Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System claims it can help you make $100’s a day by sending emails.

The system basically teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing by doing email marketing.

Specifically sending emails to a list of people who are interested in a specific thing such as losing weight, making money, or another specific problem.

In my experience this is a strategy that works but the problem is that Copy My Email System makes it seem too easy and automated.

About The Copy My Email System Creator

Copy My Email System was set up by Bobby in the year 2017.

He has experience of working online for a long time and has set up this system to benefit the associates. 

The problem we have is that we could not find a great deal of information about Bobby and could not verify whether he is a real person or made up for the purpose of selling this system.

Other reviews are mixed, whilst some people are claiming that this system really works, others are exposing it.

It is really quite difficult to get a clear answer because the people “exposing” it are often promoting another rival system and the people saying it’s amazing are promoting it and getting paid if you sign up to CMES Live System.

How Does Copy my Email System Work?

The individuals who wish to partner with Copy My Email System will have to create an account by providing their name and email address.

You need to follow the steps and buy into the program which costs around $47 but the price varies depending on which version of the website you come across.

Once you have created your account, you will be provided a list, which will have approximately 500 names.

You can also up-grade your account to get 5000 subscribers added and be able to mail your subscribers twice per day for $297.

The way it works is simple. You sign up, follow the steps to get your subscribers and then you can start sending email promotions.

But you don’t get paid when you send the email.

Each email has a link attached to it. So, you get paid if the person to whom you have send the mail clicks on the link attached in the mail and signs up.

This is classic email marketing combined with affiliate marketing and something we’ve done at BizReviewed for years, but in a more ethical way.

Copy My Email System

One thing I will mention is that the overall strategy being sold to you here is one that can work.

The problem though is that in reality you won’t make anywhere near the claimed income from Copy My Email System.

Do make a lot of money with email marketing you need a real system and you need a real source of fresh traffic and leads.

It is getting harder and harder to make money with email marketing since open rates and click rates on emails are going down.

Combine that with stricter rules from auto-responders (the companies that let you send mass email) and you are in a business model that is declining.

Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

We all get promotional emails in our inbox every once in a while.

In Copy My Email System, you are the one that sends such promotional emails on behalf of the company, to the people who wants to get more information on their products.

In my opinion Copy My Email System is a scam because it won’t help you achieve the claimed results.

Also there are strict spam laws around email marketing and I am not at all convinced that Copy My Email System would even be legal in some places.

One of the positive things is that I have seen Copy My Email System being sold on Clickbank which historically is easy to get a refund from.

In my opinion Fullstaq Marketer is a much better program for learning email marketing strategies.

Pros of Copy My Email System

  • Creating an account is absolutely free.
  • You get an assured monthly income without investing your money.
  • You get to learn email marketing for free.
  • They provide a list of people who are earning for free from Copy My Email System which proves that it is not a scam.
  • Famous in the virtual world.
  • Provides a free trial.

Cons of Copy My Email System

  • You only get 20 cents for each time a person clicks on the link in the email, which is too small an amount
  • You have to send to at least 500 people at a go which may make it a tiresome job.

Verdict For Copy My Email System

To sum it up, Copy My Email System is not worth your time.

The overall strategy which is email marketing sounds good but I don’t believe you will obtain the results that they claim.

I’ve reviewed dozens of programs like this but this is still my #1 recommendation to start a business.