What’s Crowdability’s #1 Trade for 2021? [Matthew Milner]

There is a presentation making the rounds by Crowdability called “Our #1 Trade for 2021” by Matthew Milner.

It concerns a company you ought to invest in to earn a huge profit on a small investment.

As is the drill, I will walk you through the presentation and highlight the key points and proposals. I will also reveal the company he is teasing.

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What is Crowdability’s #1 Trade for 2021?

Our #1 Trade for 2021 is a presentation by Matthew “Matt” Milner of Crowdability that centers on one small company that he claims can turn a profit from a small investment. He also promotes his financial newsletter, Private Market Profits, but we will get to that later on.

Our #1 trade for 2021

The small company he is teasing is working on a technology he refers to as “Space-Net” or “Space Wide Web” that will enable users to access high-speed internet from anywhere on the planet. He says that it will disrupt the $2.7 trillion telecom industry that has been dominated by Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T by providing cheaper and faster internet.

I have encountered a few presentations from gurus like Ray Blanco talking about satellite internet. This is a form of the internet where a constellation of low earth orbiting satellites beam internet to users all over the planet.

So far, a few major companies are frontrunners in the race to bring satellite internet to the masses. SpaceX has a project called StarLink that it has already started testing around the world and it is not alone in this because OneWeb, Amazon, and Facebook also have similar plans (to launch their constellations).

Moving on to the company he is teasing, here is what he tells us about it:

  • It is a private company based in New Mexico.
  • It already has partnerships with NASA and the Virgin Atlantic.
  • Although Matt implies that it will provide satellite internet, he says that for now, it is concentrating on “space-to-earth internet communication.”
  • It is the first American company to get FCC approval to provide its type of service.
  • In 2013, the CEO did a demonstration of his “space-net” technology working within the “microsatellite band” of space.
  • Charlie Walker, the first American commercial astronaut, is also involved with the company as its official advisor.

When Matt talks about the founder, he offers us the most definitive clues yet. First, he is called Brian, he built successful commercial satellite companies that provided internet to NATO and some Fortune 500 companies, and he managed NASA experiments that flew to the ISS.

He also led KPMG’s Space & High Technology division where he handled clients like Boeing, the State of New Mexico, and NASA.

Revealing the name of the company

These clues point to a small company called Solstar Space Company. It was founded by Brian Barnett who hoped it would become the first spatial internet service provider. What this means is that the company provides high-speed internet services to astronauts on space missions, or what they call “WiFi for astronauts.”

It will even provide a communication channel between space vehicles and people right here on earth. In one of the tests that was launched using a Blue Origin rocket (Jeff Bezos’ space company), an astronaut sent a tweet from space.

Since it is a private company, investing in it isn’t as simple as using your brokerage account. Matt says that he has provided details on how you can invest in a report called Space-Net’s Private Launch Party: A Startup Play for up to 48,750% Gains.

If you are interested, you can also check whether you can invest through their WeFunder campaign.

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Who is Matthew Milner?

Matthew Millner is the co-founder of Crowdability, a boutique investment research firm that provides investors with advice regarding the market.

Matthew is a technology executive who has built and sold tech startups to big investors. This is where he derives his belief that investing in early-stage companies with potentially high growth is a smart strategy.

He started his career working in Sales and Trading for the now-defunct Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Cornell University.

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What do you get when you sign up for Private Market Profits?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons Matt did this presentation was to promote this advisory service. He does that by requiring you to sign up for it to get a free copy of his special report.

Should you take the bait and join the newsletter, what can you expect from Matt?

As the name suggests, he will be offering investment advice on which private companies look the most promising. He will be doing that by sending you investment recommendations each month.

Subscription Fee

A one-year subscription costs $1,500

Refund Policy

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee

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Is Our #1 Trade for 2021 a legit presentation?

Our #1 Trade for 2021 is a legit presentation by Matt Milner. His qualifications aside, the presentation offers him the opportunity to promote his newsletter and talk about a tiny space company that he thinks will do well in the tech niche. Whether or not you object to his assertions, there is nothing wrong with him giving his opinion.

That being said, be careful not to get carried away because, in the end, he is promoting a newsletter and he isn’t offering personalized advice.

My Final Word on Crowdability’s #1 Trade for 2021

Our #1 Trade for 2021 centers on a small company that intends to provide internet to astronauts while they are in space. From my research, I inferred that he is talking about Solstar Space Company.

Before you get excited and plow your money into it, consider that companies like Solstar have to contend with multiple logistical challenges before they become profitable. Therefore, you have to do more research into it before you commit. Also consider that statistically, more startups fail than succeed.

The newsletter may also be good, but don’t take Matt’s word for it. Find out more about it before you sign up.

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