Is Empire SPAC Investor by Enrique Abeyta Legit?

Enrique Abeyta, who’s one of the editors at Empire Financial Research, recently launched The Empire SPAC Investor.

It is an investment advisory service that will focus on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.

In this piece, we will dissect the newsletter to find out what investment strategy Enrique intends to use and by the end of the article, you should have an idea of what signing up for it entails.

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What is Empire SPAC Investor?

The Empire SPAC Investor is a newsletter published by the Empire Financial Research, a boutique investment research firm that publishes newsletters targeting retail investors. The newsletter, as we’ve already established, will be headed up by Enrique Abeyta.

Whitney Tilson's Empire Spac Investor

According to the official publisher’s website, the newsletter encourages a long-term, buy-and-hold approach when it comes to investing in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies.

Every month, Enrique sends his favorite investing idea involving SPACs to his readers. He maintains a diversified portfolio with 10 to 15 stocks and is very selective when making recommendations, focusing on stocks that have the potential to earn multi-bagger returns.

Enrique publishes a monthly newsletter on the second Wednesday of the month and in it, he recommends a SPAC. He covers all types of SPACs and even recommends warrants and shares of recent mergers (I will cover the fundamentals of SPACs in a bit).

The typical holding period you will be advised to maintain your position ranges from a few years to a decade.

Understanding how SPACs work

The term “SPAC” is an acronym for Special Purpose Acquisition Company. It is sometimes also referred to as a “Blank Check Company.”

A SPAC is a public company that is formed without predefined commercial operations for the sole purpose of raising money through an IPO. The money it raises is used to acquire a startup thus taking it public indirectly.

SPACs are becoming a popular alternative route for private companies to go public because they eliminate the complexities that come with holding an IPO.

Although they have been legally available for decades, blank check companies have been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. You can even take Enrique’s decision to start offering a service centered on them as an indication of their growing popularity. Other gurus have also launched similar services and a good example is Jeff Brown and his Blank Check Speculator.

Traders can buy shares of these companies using their brokerage accounts thus indirectly investing in a private company without having to worry about accreditation. The other way for them to invest is to do so directly, which is allowed due to the JOBS Act of 2012. This gives you access to good startup opportunities.

That being said, you may not always have access to the best startup and SPAC investments due to the information gap, which Enrique wants to fill with his newsletter.

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Who is Enrique Abeyta?

Enrique Abeyta is one of the main editors at Empire Financial Research. He edits Empire Elite Trader, Empire Elite Growth, and now Empire SPAC Investor. He is a money manager and investment analyst.

He went to the Wharton School of Business where he was a founding member of the Wharton Fellows Fund. It is an endowment fund that is run by students.

After he graduated, he went to work on Wall Street where he spent the next two decades of his career starting and managing two long/short hedge funds. One of them was Stadia Capital, which he founded in 2000. He was a portfolio manager who oversaw an investor team that managed more than $750 million.

He claims to have outperformed the S&P 500 for ten years, not to mention making money during the bear markets caused by the Global Financial Crisis and The Dot Com Bubble.

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How does Empire SPAC Investor work?

When you become a member of the newsletter, you are entitled to:

  • Monthly newsletters for the entire duration of your membership. Enrique will find the best opportunities in the market and explain why he thinks they will do well. He also demonstrates how to place your trades, which is useful to beginners who are new to trading. In some issues of the newsletter, he gives you updates on positions you need to close to lock in gains.
  • Access to the model portfolio. It has a list of Enrique’s list of positions that have been recommended to readers in the past that are still open.
  • The SPAC Deal Room. Enrique interviews the best dealmakers in the business and shares unique insights about their dealings that most people never hear about.
  • The SPAC Investing Master Class. This is a series of video tutorials you receive in which Abeyta teaches you everything he thinks you need to know about SPACs. He also explains how he finds the best dealmakers.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription goes for $3,000

Refund Policy

The subscription fee is non-refundable

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Is Empire SPAC Investor legit?

The Empire SPAC Investor is legit because it is an actual advisory service through which Enrique will be sending out investment recommendations. Although it is a legit newsletter and you will receive advice from Enrique, there are no guarantees that all the stock picks will earn you positive returns. You should scrutinize every bit of advice you receive because it is general advice that has no consideration of your financial situation – the publisher even states this in the terms and conditions.

Benefits of Empire SPAC Investor

  • Enrique provides educational material for beginners.
  • You get to leverage Enrique’s experience.

Drawbacks of Empire SPAC Investor

It is relatively expensive.

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My Final Word on Empire SPAC Investor

The Empire SPAC Investor is an investment newsletter offered by Enrique Abeyta via Empire Financial Research. It centers on Blank Check Companies (SPACs) and you get recommendations every month. Since many people are not conversant with how SPACs operate, Enrique decided to start offering advice to help his readers navigate the market.

Although he is experienced and has been trading for many years, it is not an indication that all his recommendations will yield big returns. You still have to probe the opportunities before you invest because he offers general advice.

It is worth noting that with the rate at which SPACs are springing up, some analysts think that they are outnumbering the good startup opportunities creating a bidding war that is driving the prices of those startups higher. Consequently, shareholders (of SPACs) are getting worse deals. Therefore, do not invest in SPACs expecting to automatically become rich off of them.

In this article, I have given a very brief introduction to SPACs and I’d advise you to read more about them for a more comprehensive understanding if you intend to start investing in them.

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