Federal Rent Checks – Exposed Scam or Real? [Reviews]

Heard about Federal Rent Checks and wondering if it’s legit?

Well, we are pretty sure that you’ve come across this advertisement that claims to offer you $1795 and more every month.

But is this advertisement true?

Can you really receive Federal Rent checks every single month?

Well, that’s what we will explore over the next few sections below.

I’ve reviewed dozens of programs like this but this is still my #1 recommendation to start a business.

Federal Rent Checks – Honest Review

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What Is Federal Rent Checks?

The Federal Rent Checks stem from a video on the website of Money Map Press, where Financial Advisor D.R Barton talks about these checks for the first time.

Here, he tries to tell people that if they sign up for this program, they will be able to receive Federal Rent Checks worth $1795 or more every month. 

Federal Rent Checks

According to Barton, this is possible due to the little-known law 92-313. As per this law, land and building owners will be compensated if their properties have been rented by the government.

He further adds that there is a current pool of 11.1 billion worth government money that is solely designed to be used on this purpose. 

So, as per the video, all you need to do is sign up for the 10 Minute Millionaire Newsletter program for getting your checks.

Who Is Behind Federal Rent Checks?

According to the website of Money Map, Mike Ward happens to be the CEO of the agency, and D.R Barton who makes the sales pitch is the company’s financial advisor. 

Money Map Press is an investment consultancy agency that rolls out several newsletters dealing with strategies, opportunities and incredibly viable solutions for newbie investors.

The website is put together similar to Fluorescent Sand which is another investment video I recently reviewed.

The company further claims that Barton is a leading author and investor for financial and business TV channels.

They have also claimed that Mr. Barton offers investment consultancy for an extensive period and has established his reputation by assisting investors in multiplying their funds. 

It appears that the concept of Federal Rent Checks has stemmed from Barton’s ideas. This is even more evident as he has worked a complete detail about this Federal Rent Checks Program. 

How Does Federal Rent Checks Work?

The basic idea of this program is that you’ll be able to invest in various Real Estate Investment Trusts as per the recommendations suggested in the 10 Minute Millionaire Insider Newsletter.

Like we already mentioned, this newsletter is rolled out Money Map Press, who claims to offer you a dividend depending on the size of your investment. 

Federal Rent Checks

But how do you get money from Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Well, the idea is simple: since most of the Real Estate Investment Trusts have rented their properties to the Federal government, they are liable to receive rents from the government.

Now, when you do receive the dividends depending on your initial investment, they will qualify as Federal Rent Checks. This is what Barton constantly reinstates in the newsletter. 

That said, you will, however, need to make a solid investment for getting that $1,795 every month.

Additionally, you will also have to sign up for the newsletter in order to get started with the process.

Is Federal Rent Checks A Scam or Legit?

While many people will deem it to be a scam because of the complex terms used here, we do not think it is a scam.

The whole idea of the video is to sell the newsletter and the guidelines provided in the newsletter isn’t something unreal.

In fact, you can actually earn the stated number according to the Real Estate Investment Trust. But in order to earn that, you also need to make a sizeable investment. 

What’s more, in addition to the guidelines about investing in the Real Estate Investment Trust, it also offers some valuable guidelines and financial insight.

Ideal for new investors, this newsletter will surely help you get started with your first investment. 

Pros and Cons of Federal Rent Checks

The pros are…

The concept is novel and true. Offers financial insight and wisdom. The maker has an extensive financial background. 

The cons are…

The website doesn’t emphasize the investment you need to make on your part. 

Verdict For Federal Rent Checks

Federal Rent Checks is a term coined by Money Map Press and whilst the information contained inside is true it really exists to sell you into the 10 Minute Millionaire insider program where learning how to obtain Federal Rent Checks is just one of the things you’ll be able to do alongside various other investments.

The guys behind the program are experts in finance for sure, but they are also experts at marketing, so I’d take what they say with a pinch of salt given that they are trying to sell you into a newsletter subscription and various other up-sells.

All in all though I give Federal Rent Checks a positive verdict.

Hold Up…. Before go you anywhere, read this:

I’ve reviewed dozens of programs like this but this is still my #1 recommendation to start a business.