What Is Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes?

The Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Summit is a presentation that featured Ian King of Banyan Hill, interviewed by David Zide.

They were discussing the crypto markets and the header gives us a hint at what they were talking about. It reads:

“Bitcoin Smashes Records: $20,000 … $30,000 … Then $40,000. The Entire Crypto Market Just Broke Through to a $1 TRILLION Valuation…Here’s Why It’s Surging … What to Expect in 2021 … and How to Profit.”

I sat through the pitch and decided to write this review to share my findings with you in case you haven’t watched it. I hope by the end of this, you will be in a better position to decide what to make of Ian’s assertions.

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What is Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Summit?

The Next Wave Crytpo Fortunes Summit is an event that Ian King uses to shed light on his investment strategy when it comes to cryptos. He acknowledges that the market is hot and he wants to help retail investors find the best altcoins to invest in.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

Altcoins are the smaller currencies that are alternatives to Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is undoubtedly the cryptocurrency that’s on everyone’s news feed these days, most people don’t know that there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in the market too. They have smaller market capitalizations but people can also trade them.

He also uses the event to advertise a newsletter he edits at Banyan Hill called Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. We’ll get to it in a bit.

In the summit, he explains his approach and justifies why investing in cryptos is perfect in the current bull market and why it is different from the infamous 2017 Bubble that crashed dramatically and eroded people’s fortunes.

He says that four major catalysts are driving the market this time which means that the current market is different and safer. They are:

  1. Institutions are investing in the crypto market now and allocating a lot of money in the process.
  2. Hundreds of venture capitals have invested millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies.
  3. Transacting (buying and selling) digital assets is so much easier this time. You can even trade them from your Paypal account.
  4. He says that the rise of something he refers to as “Blockchain 2.0” will facilitate the mass adoption of cryptos. It will allow people to buy and sell goods and services using cryptos as currency.

He gives several examples of digital currencies that have soared the past few months to demonstrate how we are in the “next great crypto bull market” and thus the next 12 months (counting from when he did the summit) will make some people very rich.

Out of hundreds of digital currencies, he has picked three that he says are on his personal “hot list.” He has written about them in a special report called Cryptocurrency’s Next Wave — 3 Trades to Multiply Your Money 12 Times in the Next 12 Months. To get a free copy, you have to subscribe to his investment newsletter, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is an investment guru and an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the firm in 2017 and has since been editing newsletters, including Automatic Fortunes and Next Era Fortunes.

He began his career working at Salomon Brothers and later, Citigroup. He has been in the industry for more than two decades.

After working for the two firms, he then became a hedge fund manager before transitioning to the newsletter editor. He claims that his most significant achievement was navigating the Financial Crisis of 2008, helping his fund earn a return of 339% when most other firms were hemorrhaging money.

He has been featured by Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and Fox Business News.

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What you get when you join the Next Wave Crypto Fortunes newsletter

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is the name of a newsletter Ian King launched that will be published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He started it to help his readers navigate the crypto market. He intends to pinpoint winning crypto trends with his unique trading strategy.

Ian is not the first investment guru to launch a crypto-based newsletter. We have seen Matt McCall and Teeka Tiwari.

So far, we know that when you sign up, you receive a copy of his free special report that has the name of his three altcoin picks. But what else does signing up for it entail?

Here is what you get when you become a member of Next Wave Crypto Fortunes:

  • The Next Wave Crypto Fortunes Trading Manual 101. You learn how the crypto markets work if you are a newbie trader.
  • Glossary of Cryptocurrency. It is a glossary of common terms you will encounter as you trade in the digital currency markets.
  • Insider’s Guide to Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. It is a series of short videos that explain how Ian trades cryptos. They are meant to give you an insider’s perspective of the market.
  • Inside the World of Cryptos — A Tutorial Series. It is a six-part guide to the world of crypto trading.
  • Mastering Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. This one shows you how the newsletter works

You also get instant trade alerts, weekly research updates, access to the encrypted website, and access to the model portfolio.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription costs $1,495

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.

Merits of Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

  • It gives you Ian King’s perspective on how to navigate the crypto markets. While you may not agree with him, you can learn from him.
  • When you become a member, Ian provides you with a lot of resources to ease you into the world of digital currencies.

Demerits of Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

  • The subscription fee is non-refundable hence you can easily be trapped in a newsletter you don’t like.

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Is Next Wave Crypto Fortunes a legit newsletter?

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes is a legit newsletter because it is offered by Banyan Hill Publishing, which is a legitimate publishing company. Admittedly, the company has faced a lot of backlash over the years from disgruntled followers but you get the feeling that they probably did not understand how the services work while getting in.

They probably signed up for an expensive service, found out that they did not earn big returns from the recommendations, and the buyer’s remorse set in. This is why you need to understand that when you sign up for Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

Ian King will be offering general investment advice and you can either earn profits from it or fail to earn profits.

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My Final Word on Ian King’s Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

Ian King decided to launch Next Wave Crypto Fortunes at a time when cryptocurrencies are on a tear. For example, in 2020, digital assets like Bitcoin set price records (a trend that went into 2021) indicating that the market is likely a very lucrative one.

Although analysts have differing opinions on how best to explain this, there is a consensus that investors are turning to cryptos because they want to diversify their portfolios. The rationale for this could be that they are anticipating inflation and they feel that assets like Bitcoin are a good hedge. The fact that institutional investors are also in on the trend also helps instill confidence.

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