What Is Jeff Brown’s Apple Super Cycle?

Brownstone Research has been promoting a presentation by Jeff Brown about “The Apple Super Cycle.”

The header of the video reads, “We’re Up Against The Clock” and features a timer set to 60 minutes and, of course, this is meant to make Jeff’s message appear urgent.

I sat through the whole video presentation to find out what he was proposing and decided to put together this article where I walk you through it. I hope you find it useful.

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What is Jeff Brown’s Apple Super Cycle?

I decided to go with this title because much of what Jeff talks about in the video centers on Apple (AAPL). Jeff starts the pitch by telling us that the tech giant will be announcing “a breakthrough set to ignite a rare wealth-building event” that some simply refer to as “the super cycle.”

Jeff Brown The Apple Super Cycle

He claims that the event will spark a sequence of events that will earn you enough money to fund your retirement in as few as 12 months.

The event he is talking about is the iPhone 12 launch (understandably, you are wondering why I am dwelling on an old presentation because the phone is already on the market, but it is worth exploring the pitch as it may resurface again in the future perhaps mentioning iPhone 13).

By the way, Jeff predicted (although it was a well-known fact) in his pitch that the new phone would be 5G-enabled. And that part turned out to be true.

But that’s not what he dwells on, he is more concerned with “the apple super cycle” that will be caused by the iPhone 12 launch.

The super cycle is the effect Apple releasing new products or services has on the valuations of companies that investors learn had a part to play in the production of. So, this means that suppliers of parts like microchips and other components that Apple doesn’t make in-house soar when people learn they were involved.

In addition to suppliers, he says that the super cycle affects companies that create products and services that are served by the new ecosystem. Think apps, gaming tech, and other non-Apple accessories.

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How to make money in Apple’s 5G Super Cycle

Since Jeff Brown is keen on the investment opportunities that arise from the super cycle, how does he propose you invest?

First, he doesn’t want you to invest in Apple stock. Why? He thinks that there isn’t enough room for the stock to move up significantly in the short-term.

He favors investing in the suppliers and the companies that benefit from the Apple ecosystem.

This approach is not novel as we’ve already seen him in the past talk up a small company that was making RF Filters for 5G devices.

He has identified two companies that fit his criteria and he has put them in a special report he calls Inside the Super Cycle: 2 Tiny Stocks That Could Make You A Nest Egg. He is only letting you get it for free if you sign up for a newsletter he edits called Exponential Tech Investor.

I did a bit of research and was able to decipher the name of one of the companies he is teasing. He shares a few details about it in the pitch:

  • Apple has invested $390 million into it and has used its technology before.
  • Billionaire Larry Fink has a stake in it.
  • The COO of Apple, Jeff Williams, was quoted saying its products will be used to power the most sophisticated technology developed by Apple.

Those clues were enough to determine that Jeff Brown was talking about Finisar (FNSR). Finisar used to make VCSEL chips for the iPhone that enable developers to create augmented reality applications. Finisar’s stock infamously surged when Jeff Williams mentioned its $390 million deal with Apple.

I am referring to Finisar in the past tense because it has since been acquired by optoelectronics firm, II-VI (NASDAQ: IIVI)

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the founder of Brownstone Research, an independent firm that offers financial advice to retail investors. It publishes newsletters like the Near Future Report, The Blank Check Speculator, The Bleeding Edge, among others.

Jeff mainly focuses on the technology sector, where he has wide-ranging industry experience. He used to work as a high-technology executive for companies like NXP Semiconductors and Qualcomm. He is also an angel investor in tech startups.

He has even been tapped up as an advisor to Congresspeople in DC and has attended meetings at the Pentagon.

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What you get when you join Exponential Tech Investor

Recall how I mentioned earlier that you can only receive a free copy of his special report if you sign up for the Exponential Tech Investor?

Now, you may be wondering what signing up for the newsletter means.

Well, Jeff claims that he launched it to recommend small tech companies that he felt he couldn’t share with his wider audience to avoid artificially inflating their prices and preventing a majority of them from getting in at the right price.

If you sign up for it, you get monthly issues of the Exponential Tech Investor newsletter, The Exponential Tech Investor Manifesto, and Jeff’s Deal Diary. The manifesto is a guide to how the newsletter works and the deal diary has the names of five private biotech companies that Jeff is monitoring.

You also get two additional special reports for free, namely The 5G Tipping Point: Explosive Profits Thanks to the New 5G iPhone and CRISPR Cures: How to Make up to 1,000% Starting as Soon as Tomorrow.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription costs $2,000

Refund Policy?

The subscription fee is non-refundable.

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Is Jeff Brown’s Apple Super Cycle a legit presentation?

Jeff Brown’s Apple Super Cycle is a legit presentation. Jeff merely uses it to talk about his expectations with regards to companies that benefit from Apple’s ecosystem either as suppliers or service providers. He makes some ambitious projections along the way but that doesn’t delegitimize his opinions.

That being said, take his advice with a grain of salt because no matter how confident he sounds concerning the prospect of these companies, there are no guarantees they will do well in the market.

My Final Word on Jeff Brown’s Apple Super Cycle

When releasing the presentation, Jeff Brown was hoping that when Apple would launch the 5G-enabled iPhone 12, it would spark a “super cycle” where its suppliers and companies that model their products around its ecosystem would soar. This isn’t a radical position to take as we have seen it happen many times before – he gives a few examples of this happening with Apple suppliers before.

Although you may not necessarily invest in Jeff’s recommendations, investing in suppliers of major companies is a strategy worth exploring because it has worked before. That being said, there are no guarantees in the market and you shouldn’t take Jeff’s assertions as personal advice.

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