Are Jeff Brown’s Biotech Profits Legit?

Jeff Brown is well known within financial newsletter circles as an angel investor and an analyst who writes about and recommends tech and biotech stocks.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when his firm, Brownstone Research, released a presentation with the title “Wall Street is Bracing for a New Flood of Biotech Profits” in which he talks about investing in biotech stocks that will benefit from a favorable but controversial FDA move.

I watched the presentation and wrote this review outlining the main talking points in case you haven’t watched Jeff’s pitch.

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What is Jeff Brown Biotech Profits?

Jeff Brown Biotech Profits is the title I’m giving the presentation by Jeff Brown regarding a controversial FDA move that he says could earn a couple of biotech companies up to $1.2 trillion in profits.

Jeff Brown Biotech Profits

It is a well-documented fact that biotech stocks had a good year in 2020 with all the attention they were getting due to the pandemic. We saw a few that were either working on vaccines or therapies that had anything to do with COVID-19 do well in the markets.

But Jeff makes it clear that the companies he is focusing on here have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

I recall in 2020, he alerted his followers to the rise in venture capital investments in biotechnology and urged them to take up positions in a few companies that he felt were well-positioned to do well.

In this presentation, he insists that those who missed out on the spoils last year still have a chance to make money if they heed his advice this time around.

Going back to the controversial FDA move, what is it all about?

Jeff tells us that the FDA wants to reward companies that develop a new type of drugs. Although these drugs account for less than 8% of all drugs sold, the agency wants to reward biotech companies that develop them if they successfully bring them to market.

As the presentation progresses, we learn that he is referring to companies that are making drugs that cure Orphan Diseases.

If you have no idea what orphan diseases are, they are rare diseases that are caused by genetic disorders. They affect a small percentage of the population and, unsurprisingly, they don’t get as much attention or funding within the healthcare industry as other more common diseases.

Therefore, the FDA decided to create the Orphan Drug Designation in 1983 to reward companies that develop drugs that tackle rare diseases with market exclusivity – when a company manufactures one of these drugs, it will be the only one allowed to distribute it for seven years.

Jeff’s #1 Biotech Stock

Jeff has identified one company that has developed a cure that qualifies for the Orphan Drug Designation.

He says that the firm has developed a genetic therapy-based drug awaiting FDA approval. This is not the first time making such a drug because it already has six FDA-approved genetic drug cures in its portfolio.

More significantly, however, is the delivery mechanism it has also developed. Jeff says that it has built a good genetic delivery mechanism plant that will earn it a lot of revenue.

Owing to these developments, he wants you to consider adding it to your portfolio.

He has prepared a report called The Next King of Biotech: Unlocking the Genetic Therapy Revolution. It has all the details you need about his number one biotech stock.

To get it for free, you have to sign up for Jeff’s premium advisory service called the Near Future Report.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an angel investor and investment guru. He is the chief investment analyst at Brownstone Research, a boutique investment research firm. He edits premium financial newsletters like the Near Future Report, Early Stage Trader, and Exponential Tech Investor. He also runs a popular free newsletter called The Bleeding Edge.

He spent 25 years of his career as a high-tech executive at companies like Juniper Networks, Qualcomm, and NXP Semiconductors. After that, he started investing in early-stage tech companies as an angel investor.

His experience working for those companies as well as navigating the startup environment has given him a unique perspective on how the industry works and he brings that out in his writings.

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How to invest in Jeff Brown Biotech Profits

We’ve already established that the only way to access information regarding Jeff’s number one biotech stock is to sign up for Near Future Profits.

Near Future Profits is an investment research service through which Jeff recommends stocks that may perform well in the market on the back of some emerging trend.

When you sign up for it, you receive:

  • 12 monthly newsletters. Each month, he sends you details touching on his investments particularly in self-driving cars, AI, 5G, biotech, and other trends.
  • Jeff’s latest updates and breaking financial news.
  • 24/7 access to the members’ website. It is an archive of past issues of the newsletter and special reports.

If you join Near Future Profits after watching the presentation, you also receive three other special reports. They are The New Economy: 5 Stocks that Will Soar in the “Post-Covid” World, Toxic Tech: 5 Tech “Darlings” to Dump Right Now, and Project Xi: Two Explosive Stocks Behind the $15 Trillion Tech Revolution.

Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee is $49 due to a discount he is offering new members. The normal rate is $199.

Refund Policy

You can receive a full refund of your $49 if you cancel your subscription within 60 days of joining.

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Is Jeff Brown Biotech Profits legit?

I think Jeff Brown Biotech Profits is a legit presentation.

First, Jeff Brown is a credible investment analyst whose work I have covered quite extensively on this website. I have reviewed a couple of presentations by him in the past and whether or not he gets his predictions right, I’ve always found his work to be legit.

In this presentation, he is making the case for companies that develop drugs that cure orphan diseases. After researching the matter, he is right about those companies because they exist and the special designations they get from the FDA are legit.

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My Final Word on Jeff Brown Biotech Profits

Jeff pours his heart out about a relatively unknown section of the pharmaceutical industry; orphan drugs.

He wants you to sign up for The Near Future Report by luring you with a stock recommendation: He has identified a company that is working on a promising genetic therapy and a delivery mechanism; both of which may boost its revenue and stock price. The only way to get details about the company is by subscribing to the newsletter.

Could Jeff have oversold the idea that you can earn a decent return if you concentrate on companies that develop orphan drugs? His statements suggest so.

You can build an argument against him because, in the presentation, he repeatedly acknowledges that orphan diseases account for a “tiny sliver” of the drug market, which implies that the odds of finding stocks that earn you a sizeable return are not great. Therefore, don’t let the $1.2 trillion anticipated revenue figure cloud your judgment because it is an estimate – it may or may not materialize.

The best approach is to evaluate the pitch objectively. Thus, you should collect as much information about the stocks and the industry as you can and analyze it before you agree to Jeff’s advice.

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