Who The Heck Is Jim Rickards?

Today I’m sharing a review of Jim Rickards.

This is the first of many reviews covering well known figures in the investment and business world.

I recently reviewed Banyan Hill Publishing which is owned by the same parent company that publishes Jim Rickards newsletter.

Jim Rickards has a very interesting background in finance so today I’ve decided to share more about him.

If you’re looking for more information on Jim Rickards, his newsletters or premium subscription products then keep reading as I will be sharing all the details you need.

Who Is Jim Rickards?

Financial world gets even difficult as economies struggles, thus forcing everyone to struggle in making a living.

You find that nowadays, you have to be smart and add a little more effort by making sure that you follow the trending issues in the financial sector to make wise investment decisions.

If you are keen on what’s happening in the financial industry, then you may have heard of Jim Rickards.

jim rickards
Jim Rickards writer for the Strategic Intelligence newsletter

By the way, I’ve also reviewed other business gurus like consulting genius Sam Ovens.

Strategic Intelligence is Jim’s newsletter that talks about currency wars and the death of money.

You will realize that Jim has an exponential understanding on the complexities of the financial sector where he applies the same knowledge to assist ordinary investors in making the right investment decisions and also prepare for uncertain financial crisis and threats. 

Strategic Intelligence Founder

Jim Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence, and he is also a lawyer in the American Corporate, a banker and an economist where he has the greatest understanding about the financial matters that pose great puzzles to numerous individuals.

He also has the greatest experience in financial and capital markets, where he has worked for over 35 years.

He has worked as a manager in different high levels in numerous companies including working for US Federal Reserve.

He is also an advisor and dedicated himself to use his skills in putting everything about finance together in Jim Rickards Newsletter so that every individual investor can benefit. 

Jim Rickards – Products and Services

Jim Rickards writes his newsletter with so much dedication and commitment.

He analyzes all the data and upcoming issues on financial markets and puts it together so that you can benefit.

His principal aim of the newsletter is to create a portfolio that focuses on bulging financial crisis that may explode in the future.

Using his skills and knowledge, he explains every prediction and lays out a solution to help you in the future. 

To benefit from his work, you only need to subscribe to Jim Rickards newsletter and get a number of benefits.

You will have access to a full analysis of the predicted crisis and financial troubles that may fall upon.

Jim Rickards looks at the indications and warnings and analyzes them using a technique he invented while working in the National Security.

He also gives a solution and keeps you updated as new data and information flows in. 

You also get access to actionable investment ideas that you can implement and invest on to increase and also protect your wealth in the future from David Stevenson, who is the Director of Strategic Intelligence Investment. 

You will also get the ideas on the equities, promising a good future where you can invest and make a good return.

The Jim Rickards newsletter also informs you of the most promising shares you can buy and also promising companies that you can invest in. 

You also get to learn about David’s key criteria which he calls out-of-favor that offers excellent value and also the prediction of a suitable catalyst that may drive the shares price higher so that you can get a good deal. 

Jim also shares with you his favorite strategies that you can implement to protect your wealth in case of company crisis.

The wealth protecting strategies goes way ahead in enlightening you on how to avoid the severe effects when inflation and deflation hit the financial industry. 

Is Jim Rickards A Scam?

Jim Rickards in my opinion is not a scammer.

Doing regular reviews of products and services online in the financial niche you get a good feel for what is a scam and often it’s obvious.

For example, I recently exposed Viral Dollars which is an obvious scam.

Jim Rickards is a real person, he has a wealth of knowledge to offer and years of experience doing what he does.

You find that Jim Rickards never asks you anywhere to give out money, but he only does the analysis of the financial market and provides you with accurate and exclusive information that you can use to make investment decisions.

He has vast experience in shares, stocks, financial predictions, and also overseeing the future of the financial industry, and with all this information, you can make the wisest investment decisions.

Sure he has his paid subscription newsletters also but he gives out so much knowledge for free that this is an optional extra.

Jim Rickards Conclusion

In my honest opinion Jim Rickards is legit.

He has a wealth of experience in the financial sector and publishes very knowledgable information.

He is quite controversial with some of his views but ultimately knows what he is talking about.

I will be sharing more information on the specific newsletters that Jim Rickards offers such as Strategic Intelligence in the future.

Thanks for checking out my review of Jim Rickards.