Is Louis Navellier’s Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 Legit?

Have you encountered Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 by Louis Navellier but don’t understand what it is about?

Well, you have come to the right place because, in this review, I will be walking you through the main talking points of the presentation.

For example, we will take a closer look at the trading system he claims to have been using to effectively pick the best-performing stocks of the S&P every year between 2012 and 2019.

So keep reading to uncover everything there is to it.

Before we start…

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What is Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020?

Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 is a pitch that was recently published by InvestorPlace advertising Louis Navellier’s newsletter, Breakthrough Stocks.

This is not the first time I am reviewing a presentation by Navellier as I have previously analyzed Accelerated Income Project and Tiny Silver Smart Antenna.

Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 Louis Navellier

At the top of the page, Navellier teases, and I quote, “a scientific, wickedly effective stock-picking strategy that found Apple at $1.49… Microsoft at 38 cents… Cisco at 47 cents… Home Depot at 73 cents… Nike at 33 cents… and Oracle at 51 cents.

He claims to have modeled a unique trading system to work in the stock market as effectively as Oakland Athletic’s analytics system did for Billy Beane – his success inspired the film “Moneyball.”

In the video, he refers to his trading system as the “Moneyball for Stocks” and says that it has enabled him to beat his benchmark, the S&P 500 6 to 1 in each of the last 17 years by picking stocks that have gone on to perform very well – such as the ones he namedrops.

How does it work?

Louis Navellier is aided by powerful computers that use artificial intelligence to sift through millions of data points on hundreds of stocks. The program looks for eight elements that are referred to as Key Predictive Indicators (KPIs).

If a stock satisfies all eight KPIs, it means that it is likely to do well in the market. The eight KPIs are:

  1. Earnings growth
  2. Operating margin growth
  3. Cash flow
  4. Earnings momentum
  5. Return on equity
  6. Earnings surprises
  7. Sales growth
  8. Earnings growth

Out of the eight, he claims that the earnings are arguably the most important metric his strategy looks at. He argues that the earnings have the greatest influence on the stock price – something referred to as the Price to Earnings (PE) ratio.

That way, his algorithm enables him and his followers to get in on the ground floor of small companies that are likely to soar.

Although a majority of the stocks he mentions are in the technology sector, he asserts that his system is also good at finding investment opportunities in other sectors if they meet the aforementioned criteria.

By the end of the presentation, he teases three stocks that he says his system has picked up that he would like his followers to invest in as soon as they can. He has written a report about them called Navellier’s Top 3 High-Flying Moneyball Stocks Poised to Skyrocket by 1,000% or More.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is one of the editors at InvestorPlace, an independent publisher of financial research and stock recommendations. He has been offering investment advice to thousands of readers via his financial newsletters, the majority of which are published by InvestorPlace.

Louis Navellier has an exceptional track record because he uses powerful tools that are designed to help investors to beat the market. His goal is to uncover inconsistencies in the mainstream narrative to help his clients outperform their benchmarks.

He focuses on finding the best growth stocks that are likely to earn decent returns with relatively low risk – a balance that, admittedly, is not easy to strike. As such, he considers himself as one of the most successful growth investors.

Since he has been known to design and use technical tools (i.e. trading algorithms) to spot market trends, you can think of him as a quant.

He appears regularly on Fox Business News and CNBC and has been quoted by The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch. In his bio on the InvestorPlace website, it says that The New York Times once labeled him “an icon among growth stock investors.”

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How does Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 work?

If you would like to reveal the names of the three stocks he is teasing, you have to get a copy of the report and the only way to do that is by subscribing to his newsletter, Breakthrough Stocks.

Breakthrough Stocks, formerly called Emerging Growth, is Navellier’s longest-running publication. It is the one he claims has beaten the market 6-to-1 in the past 17 years. It is built on the Moneyball System.

In the video, he says that it gives Main Street investors access to hedge-fund level research at a fraction of the cost.

If you sign up for it, you will receive:

  • 12 to 15 recommendations in one year. These will mostly be small-cap stocks.
  • Instant trade alerts whenever the Moneyball System picks up a viable stock that cannot wait for the monthly newsletter.
  • Monthly position monitoring. These are regular updates on how his recommendations are performing.
  • Access to the Breakthrough Stocks encrypted website and the model portfolio.

How much will you pay to join Breakthrough Stocks?

Under normal circumstances, you pay $1,999 for a one-year subscription. However, as part of a discount offer, Navellier was willing to reduce that to $1,495.

I would recommend that you confirm the official figure because that can change without warning.

Do they allow refunds if you unsubscribe?

Unfortunately, the Breakthrough Stocks subscription fee is non-refundable. Instead, they have a “performance guarantee” where they promise to offer a second year for free if you fail to earn $150,000 from “a string of $10,000 investments.” I couldn’t quite understand what that means so you need to clarify that before you subscribe.

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Merits of Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020

  • You get to subscribe to Breakthrough Stocks at a discount.
  • Louis Navellier drops a few hints as to how his stock-picking system works.
  • Due to the heightened volatility of small-cap stocks, the profit potential of Louis’s strategy is greater than that of bigger companies.

Demerits of Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020

  • Investing in small companies comes with extra risk because they are relatively volatile.

Is Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 legit?

I think the Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020 is legit.

I arrived at this verdict because Louis Navellier is a stock analyst with a lot of experience as an investor and a financial advisor. For the past three decades, he has been analyzing the market and looking for investment opportunities, which he has been sharing with his followers. In this presentation, he does the same thing.

That being said, there are no guarantees that his strategy will yield positive results because all investments (especially the small companies he focuses on) are quite risky.

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My Final Word on Moneyball Multiplier Challenge 2020

Louis Navellier’s Moneyball System is meant to identify small-cap stocks with the potential to earn returns of 100%, 500%, or 1,000% in a few years. To gain access to those recommendations, you have to subscribe to a newsletter called Breakthrough Stocks.

Although Navellier says that his strategy has been effective at beating the market for the past 17 years, it does not mean that it is guaranteed to replicate that moving forward. Therefore, don’t sign up for his newsletter expecting to become rich when you follow his advice – although this doesn’t mean he offers bad advice.

If after doing your homework about Louis Navellier you are prepared to pay $1,999/yr (non-refundable) to receive his insights, go for it.

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