“New Era Fortunes Summit” by Ian King [Review]

The New Era Fortunes Summit is a webinar that Banyan Hill has been promoting for the past few days.

It features Ian King, one of the editors at the firm, and he will be discussing, among other things, why you should invest in small-cap stocks. He will also be outlining his strategy that he claims can earn you 10X returns in one year.

When I received the invitation and went through it, I decided to put together this piece where I will be taking a look at what Ian has hinted he intends to discuss and speculate what you should expect from the summit. Read on to learn more about the event.

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What is the New Era Fortunes Summit?

New Era Fortunes Summit is an event that will be hosted by John Burke and Ian King.

It is a free-to-attend webinar that anyone with a link can show up for. This goes for all people, including those who’ve never subscribed to any of Ian’s advisory services.

New Era Fortunes Summit by Ian King

If you wish to attend it, you have to register by providing your name, email address, and phone number. The email address will be used to send you updates regarding the event.

In the invite, the impression you get is that there are limited spots, but as I have seen before with similar events (that set limits to the people who can attend), they aren’t usually very strict on this. They won’t bar you from attending if you show interest; I think that disclaimer is just meant to create a feeling of scarcity.

The webinar will be hosted on a private “VIP” website called newerafortunessummit.com where Ian will be posting updates about the event in its run-up.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a professional trader and financial analyst who also edits newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He publishes two newsletters for the firm, namely Automatic Fortunes and Crypto Profit Trader.

He began his career at the age of 21 at the infamous mortgage bond trading department of Salomon Brothers. He has also worked for Citigroup and a hedge fund called Peahi Capital. The experience he gathered from his time working for those firms has influenced his trading strategy.

Ian bases his trading strategy on finding trends in the tech industry that can impact people’s lives significantly. He then looks for stocks that can ride the wave and invests in them, on the ground floor, before they go up.

He also analyzes the cryptocurrency market; he played a hand in creating the first crypto training program offered by Investopedia Academy.

Arguably his greatest achievement as an analyst came while he was working for Peahi Capital. It was in 2008, right in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, that he and his team registered a 339% return while many investors were not doing so well.

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What topics will Ian cover during New Era Fortunes Summit?

The New Era Fortunes Summit will play host to a variety of topics touching on small companies and technology. To be precise, he will discuss:

  • The rise of a new era in the technological landscape where things like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Self-driving cars will dominate the conversation.
  • The companies, particularly the small ones, which will ride the new wave of innovation in the aforementioned subsectors. He likens them to how behemoths like Amazon, Tesla, and Apple started as small companies and rode a wave of innovation into what they later became.
  • How he picks the companies that he recommends. He will share part of the process that goes into that.
  • Three small tech companies that he has earmarked as worthy of investment after fire-testing them with his process. These are plays that he says have the potential to make returns of up to 1,000%.

Since the invite landed in my inbox, Ian has released a few updates regarding the event on the VIP website (newerafortunessummit.com). In one article titled “The Great Tech Convergence,” he hinted that 5G will dominate the conversation during the webinar.

To be fair, this is not the first time we are seeing Ian talk about investing in 5G. I have reviewed presentations like Spectrum The Future of All Technology and Fluorescent Sand where he did nothing but talk about the opportunities that the network transition will create.

He also singles out 5G because he says that faster internet and extended bandwidth (when 5G gets implemented) will allow for the deployment of the other “new era technologies.”

For example, autonomous cars require a lot of bandwidth to function properly because of the huge amount of data points they require.

He also dishes out the well-worn line about 5G injecting $12 trillion to the economy that is based on the report released by Qualcomm projecting the impact of the network upgrade.

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Is the New Era Fortunes Summit legit?

I think the New Era Fortunes Summit is a legit event.

Ian King is an analyst who’s had a decent career as a money manager. He knows a bit about the market and during the summit, he will be giving his opinion on the future of the technology landscape and the opportunities that you can take advantage of.

He will likely use enticing language but if you look past that, you may learn something from him.

My Final Word on the New Era Fortunes Summit

New Era Fortunes Summit by Ian King will be an event during which he will reveal his investment strategy, talk about small-cap stocks, and the technology sector (particularly 5G).

He will also talk about the companies that will benefit from the upcoming trends in the technology industry that you should invest in. Whether you follow his recommendations is entirely up to you.

Nevertheless, if you cannot attend the webinar as it happens, you shouldn’t worry about it too much because they will record the whole thing and promote it as a presentation.


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