Sam Ovens Consulting – Scam Guru or Legit?

Welcome to my review of Sam Ovens consulting.

Sam Ovens has gone from nothing to becoming one of the most well known coaches when it comes to consulting and with so much hype surrounding his name I decided to take a closer look.

Here is my honest review of Sam Ovens including is consulting and accelerator program.

Sam Ovens Review…

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is a program that was created to help anybody with a consulting service to take their business to the next level.

sam ovens

It spans six weeks during which Sam Ovens teaches students how they can optimize their consultancies.

It mainly focuses on: 

  • Running successful Ad campaigns on Facebook. 
  • Attracting new clients and converting them.
  • Creating a helpful online community of like-minded individuals
  • Automating business processes

Speaking of students, experienced consultants, intermediates, and beginners can take the course, albeit with different goals. 

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From the course’s landing page, Sam promises that the students who follow through with the program will land clients within 42 days and start earning six-figure incomes. 

There is also a 14-day guarantee with the promise of a full refund if a student is of the opinion that the course didn’t help them. If you decide to go for the refund, there are certain modules you will have to have completed for your application to be considered. 

The program has over 3,000 video testimonials of mostly happy students. You can watch and read the reviews on the website. 

Who Is Sam Ovens?

As the name implies, the course was created by Sam Ovens.

He is a New Zealander who relocated to the US when he founded

He quit his corporate job to focus on his consulting business and bootstrapped it from his parent’s garage in New Zealand – a classic rags-to-riches story. 

He is one of Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and as endorsements go, that is quite impressive.

He is quite hands-on with his business and takes his customers seriously; he engages them regularly and provides feedback when he is called upon. 

How Does Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Work?

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is a six-week program.

The contents are as follows on a week-by-week basis.

Week 1 (Fundamentals and Foundations)

This module speaks to the students who are new to Consulting.

Sam defines consulting from what he understands it should entail. 

Week 2 (New Paradigm and World View)

Sam expects that some of his students will have been exposed to misleading material that will have distorted their take on consulting.

He, therefore, goes deep into the psychological standpoint that his students should adopt in order to be successful in the field. 

Week 3 (Alchemy of Client Conversion)

With the student’s mindset in the right place, Sam delves into the art of conversion. He explains sales techniques that students can use to improve their percentages. 

Week 4 (Alchemy of Client Attraction)

In this module, Sam teaches his students how they can create lead generating sales funnels; things like webinars, landing pages, etc. 

Week 5 (Fractal Facebook Evaluation)

Judging from his success and the ubiquitous nature of his ads on the social media platform, it is fair to say that he has “cracked Facebook advertising.”

It doesn’t hurt to learn from him and implement some of his strategies. 

Week 6 (Minimal Viable Service Delivery)

In this module, he tackles legal work and automation of routine business systems.

This part prepares you for when your business balloons.

When they enrol for the course, students are added to a Facebook group where they can share their experiences and ask questions touching on various subjects.

The Facebook community, in this case, is vibrant and helpful.

People are also generally impressed at how willing Sam is to help community members wherever they are stuck. 

Is Sam Ovens A Scam?

The course Sam Ovens offers is definitely not a scam.

The thing is, irrespective of how good a product is, there will always be people who were not prepared to take the course seriously or who were ill-suited to enrol in the first place.

Nevertheless, the positive reviews online and on the website are very impressive to say the least.

The people who are prepared to take the course and have the right tools (a will to implement the subject matter and a solid business idea) generally give raving reviews. 

I was initially skeptical of Sam Ovens in general but after learning more about him for this review I’m happy to say he’s not a scam.

The course is well structured with emphasis given to the stuff that matters.

It is not filled with up-sells and unnecessary fluff.

There are many success stories and the founder, Sam Ovens is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur as I already mentioned.

That has certainly helped with enhancing his reputation as he has used it in his marketing which makes perfect sense.

Lastly the Facebook community that he has built is a great addition to what he offers as he personally jumps in to help and the community as a whole are very helpful too. 

I’ve seen this implemented on a number of courses and I have also enjoyed this myself with several that I have purchased.

Negatives Of Sam Ovens / Consulting Accelerator

The course is relatively expensive to get started with.

The promises made are a bit too ambitious to beginners.

Sam Ovens Conclusion 

Sam Ovens gets a lot of negative attention however when someone rises to the top this often happens.

I will admit that in the beginning I was extremely skeptical of Sam Ovens and his claims. I was even skeptical of his previous business success and what makes him an expert to teach consulting.

I’m happy to say that my skepticism is gone and after doing thorough research I do believe he is a legitimate person with genuine programs that can help you become successful with consulting.

He has proven that his methods work as he has quite literally 1000’s of success stories and positive testimonials from his customers.