Teeka Tiwari “Tech Royalty Retirement Plan” [Review]

Wondering how you can invest in Teeka Tiwari Tech Royalties?

Today I’m sharing my review of the Tech Royalty Retirement Plan!

I recently encountered a promotion for this presentation where Teeka promises to show his readers “How you can collect $180,472 Every year… And Enjoy Income for Life… starting with just $100.”

I researched the concept behind Teeka’s Tech Royalties presentation and drafted this review to share my findings.

Keep reading to get all the details.

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What is The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan?

The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan is an investment program launched by Teeka Tiwari under the auspices of Palm Beach Research Group.

Tech Royalty Retirement Plan review

It introduces you to a type of investment Teeka calls “tech royalties.” These are special kinds of cryptocurrencies that are built on the blockchain framework. However, they are unique to the usual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Speaking of cryptocurrencies, I have shared reviews of presentations like OPM Wealth touting crypto investments.

The reason why Teeka is introducing us to these royalties is that they are a convenient way to earn money. By investing in them, you can use the returns you earn to grow your retirement nest egg; preparing you for a cozy retirement.

The returns you earn from your investment will be made possible by an upcoming boom in new tech developments. To be precise, the tech boom that Teeka is alluding to will be driven by a breakthrough that was launched in 2009 but that is yet to reach mass adoption.

Teeka is a crypto expert, therefore, it is no surprise that he feels that he has unearthed a gem in the cryptocurrency market.

The presentation is an ad for his research service, Crypto Income Royalty.

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Who Is Behind The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan?

As mentioned above, Teeka Tiwari is an expert in cryptocurrency investing. He is the chief crypto analyst at Palm Beach Research Group. There are similarities between it and publishers like Agora Financial and Money Map Press.

Although he also dabbles in other kinds of investment, most of his work is centered on tech products (particularly cryptos).

At the Palm Beach Research Group, he edits a couple of newsletters, including Palm Beach Confidential, Palm Beach Letter, Palm Beach Quant, Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge, and Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly.

Teeka has been a trader and analyst for more than twenty years. He took his first steps in the financial services industry when he joined Shearson Lehman when he was 18 years old.

He went on to become the youngest vice president in Shearson Lehman’s history when he became a VP at 20 years of age.

He left Wall Street to advise individual investors on how they can make better investments. That was when he decided to start writing newsletters.

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How does Tech Royalty Retirement Plan Work?

Tech royalties are a kind of investment that gives you access to emerging tech ideas that have not been widely adopted.

When you invest in them, you hope that the technologies will take off and pay you royalties a few years or months down the line.

Here are the properties of tech royalties:

  • They constitute a multi-trillion dollar market.
  • They have better returns than dividend stocks. There are examples where the average yield is a hundred times better than that of dividend stocks for the same company. For instance, investing $1,000 in Microsoft Windows royalties could have earned you $29 million by 2019 compared to $241,645 in dividends in the same period.
  • They are relatively cheap if you buy them early. You can buy some of them for less than 10 cents per unit.
  • You can collect your returns every day, week or month. Their payouts do not follow a rigid schedule like dividends.
  • The technologies that underlie tech royalties range from productivity software, computer games, operating systems, to other utility programs.
  • Some royalty plans give investors millions of dollars to give them an incentive to invest in unproven technology. In a couple of years, these investments are meant to grow fast and generate tens of billions of dollars.

Teeka thinks that the best time to invest in tech royalties is as soon as you can before institutional investors start pouring money into them leading to price spikes.

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How to Invest in the Tech Royalty Retirement Plan

As you probably have never heard of Tech royalties, they are not traded in the stock exchange. They are traded in special exchanges like the BAKKT.

To learn more about tech royalties, you should read Teeka’s report titled My Top 3 Tech Royalties In 2020 For Early Retirement. It has three investments you may start with.

To get your hands on the report for free, subscribe to Crypto Income Quarterly. It is one of Teeka’s cryptocurrency-based services.

Here are the benefits of signing up for Crypto Income Quarterly:

  • Access to the Crypto Income Quarterly model portfolio.
  • Video tutorials on how tech royalties work.
  • Periodic updates and new recommendations.
  • An exclusive briefing titled Wilson’s Crypto Insights.

Free Giveaways

You are also entitled to two free reports:

  • 10 Cryptocurrency Income Special Situations That Could Hand You $81,624 a Year or More for Life
  • How to Invest In Crypto Projects For Lifetime Income.

Subscription Fee

The annual membership fee is $2,000. You are then expected to pay quarterly renewal fees of $249 to cover operational costs.


There is a 90-day grace period during which if you are not satisfied with Crypto Income Quarterly, you can divert the $2,000 fee towards other services offered by Palm Beach Research Group.

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Is Tech Royalty Retirement Plan Legit?

Tech Royalty Retirement Plan is a legit form of investment.

Tech royalties are digital assets of companies that are working on technologies that have not reached mass adoption. If you acquire these royalties early, you can set yourself up for regular payments down the line during your retirement.

Many investors have leveraged the earning potential of tech royalties, earning millions of dollars on well-received innovations.

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My Final Word About Tech Royalty Retirement Plan

The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan by Teeka Tiwari appeals to retirees who are yet to secure their retirements. It is a relatively unknown form of investment that makes more money than dividend stocks.

Teeka suggests that if you invest in the royalties now, you can secure yourself financially for the rest of your life if the tech companies you are backing become household names.

However, as you plunge into tech royalties, don’t forget that there is an element of risk to these investments no matter how good Teeka makes them sound. Also, more tech startups fail than those that succeed.

Therefore, you should diversify your investment to hedge yourself against the uncertainty.

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What Are Tech Royalties?

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What Is The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan?

Paul Mampilly offers numerous free and premium subscription programs. These include True Momentum, America 2.0, $10 Million Portfolio, Profits Unlimited, Rebound Profit Trader, Rapid Profit Trader, and IPO Speculator.

Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Paul Mampilly is definitely legitimate. He has a strong track record managing millions. In the last few years he took a step back from this to help main street investors via his findings which are published at Banyan Hill Publishing.

How To Invest In Tech Royalties?

So far, some of his results have been very good. For example, his readers have made gains of 73%, 56%, 64%, and even a staggering 235%.