What Is The #1 Stock Of This Generation? [Jason Stutman]

Have you encountered a presentation by Jason Stutman about a “tiny $5 stock” that can “transform every $500 invested into $1.5 million”?

Jason recently published the presentation in which he promised to reveal a company that he considers as the #1 stock of this generation because it will be in an industry that will boom and yield huge gains.

In this piece, I give you a summary of his presentation and reveal the tiny $5 stock that he was teasing.

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What is The #1 Stock Of This Generation?

The #1 Stock of This Generation is a presentation featuring Jason Stutman in which he reveals a revolutionary new technology that he thinks will have a bigger impact than the combustion engine, the atomic bomb, and the light bulb combined.

The #1 Stock of This Generation (Jason Stutman)

Behind this new technology is a company (there always is) that has the edge over its competition. We will reveal it in a bit.

What technology is Jason talking about?

He is talking about an anti-aging pill that dulls the effects of aging. This means that it alleviates the diseases and disorders that come as we grow older allowing us to remain healthier for longer.

To give us some background on how it works, Jason says that when we age, the number of old cells in our bodies increases. He calls them “zombie cells.”

He says that all cells in our bodies usually have a lifespan i.e. a fixed number of times that they multiply after which they stop multiplying. When they reach their end, they become “zombie cells” and they accumulate as we grow older.

They are undesirable because they start to pump toxic chemicals into our bodies thus poisoning the healthy ones around them. Over time, the healthy cells also start transforming into zombie cells.

These cells cause all kinds of diseases and complications, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

How the pill works is that it contains compounds called senolytics that remove zombie cells. As the number of harmful cells reduces, you have a better chance of not getting sick.

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Who is Jason Stutman?

Jason Stutman is an investment guru who works for Angel Publishing. He is the chief investment strategist at the firm.

Angel Publishing is a boutique investment research firm that publishes independent financial advice targeted at retail investors. It works like Money Map Press.

Most of what Jason does is uncovering technological trends or advancements that are likely to alter society. He does this by meeting the people running tech companies, studying patents and other documents, and doing anything that gives him access to such information.

He then finds suitable investments that benefit from those trends to cash in on them.

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Revealing The #1 Stock Of This Generation

Although several firms are working on anti-aging therapies, Jason Stutman has identified one company that is working on an anti-aging pill that he thinks is the most effective. He wants us to invest in it on the ground floor.

Its founder is a successful biotech entrepreneur who was among the top 100 innovators in the world under 35 by MIT Technology. His other achievements:

  • While he was a ph.D. candidate in molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley, he created an assembly line that can map the human genome.
  • He invented a technique to extract fuel from pond algae in 2007 and even received government funding for this.
  • He established two companies that developed antibiotics and weight-loss drugs.

It had a market value of $400 million as Jason was releasing the presentation and had patented 140 of its most effective senolytic compounds.

Its management team comprises a CEO with two doctorates (in physics and neuroscience), a chief scientific officer with a background in medicine, and a CFO who has led three companies through M&As and IPOs.

The company that fits this description is Unity Biotechnology (NASDAQ: UBX).

It is a medical startup that was founded by Jan Van Deursen and Nathaniel David and it develops senolytic drugs that alleviate and reverse the effects of aging.

The smoking gun that led me to it is the description that Jason gave of the founder. That description matches the profile of Nathaniel David, whose Wikipedia page states that he has a doctorate in molecular and cellular biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

He has founded a series of companies in biotech and sustainable energy: He co-founded a company called Syrrx in his final year as he was undertaking his doctorate that was later bought by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. He also founded Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Sapphire Energy, and Unity Biotechnology.

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Why did Jason pitch The #1 Stock Of This Generation?

Jason was banking on the fact that not many people would figure out the name of the company he was teasing. Therefore, he wrote a report called The #1 Stock of This Generation: How You Could Ride the End of Aging to Enormous Stock Returns in which he revealed the name of the company for people who would be interested in it.

But the only way you would get the report would be by subscribing to Technology and Opportunity, which is a newsletter he edits; that was his end game.

If you sign up for it, you receive three other special reports:

  • The Robot Revolution: Three Stocks Poised for up to 900% Returns (Or More!).
  • Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2020 and Beyond
  • Ultranet Profits: Top Three Stocks for Riding the 5G Revolution

Then for the remainder of your membership, you’d be receiving monthly issues of the newsletter (each with a new investment opportunity), access to the web portal, and “special situation” updates of new but urgent opportunities that come up between newsletters.

Subscription Fee

The newsletter costs $99 per year or you can sign up for two years for $169.

Refund Policy

It has a 180-day (six months) money-back guarantee.

Merits of The #1 Stock Of This Generation

  • You learn about a new field of medical engineering if you were unaware of it and possible investment opportunities in it.
  • You get to sign up for Jason’s newsletter at a discount.

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Is The #1 Stock Of This Generation legit?

I think Jason Stutman’s presentation is legit.

Anti-aging is a thing and many scientists are starting to believe that perhaps we don’t have to suffer from the undesirable effects of aging – that we can realistically extend our healthspan. This means that we will enjoy more years of health rather than deal with a multitude of physical challenges in our sunset years.

Jason saw this as a possible opening for an “invest at the ground floor” opportunity and he decided to share his opinion with the public and there’s nothing shady about that. Therefore, I think it is legit.

My Final Word on The #1 Stock Of This Generation

As I have revealed in the presentation, I think Jason Stutman is hoping that Unity Biotechnology (UBX) will be “the #1 stock of this generation.” Whether that will come to pass is another thing.

By backing a company that is working on an anti-aging pill, he is hoping that the field will make big strides in the next few years because so far, the field is still nascent. Many biotech startups led by ambitious scientists have mushroomed as they seek to find ways of slowing or reversing the aging process.

If you are thinking of investing in a company working on anti-aging therapies, do more research into them first because as good as their projections are, there is more to it than what you see on the surface.

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