Is The 20 Minute Retirement Solution Legit? [Ian King]

In today’s review, we take a closer look at a presentation by Ian King of Banyan Hill called The 20-Minute Retirement Solution.

The premise of the presentation is to introduce you to what Ian King calls a “set it and forget” approach to retirement planning.

This article will shed light on how Ian intends to achieve that for you to decide what you’ll make of his assertions.

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What is The 20 Minute Retirement Solution?

The Gold Stock Retirement Blueprint is a presentation by Ian King meant to achieve two things: promote his investment advisory service (Automatic Fortunes) and introduce you to his retirement planning strategy.

20 Minute Retirement Solution (Ian King)

Before he gets to his strategy, Ian expresses his disagreement with conventional retirement planning advice, which he refers to as “the worst retirement advice – ever.”

What does he mean by conventional retirement advice?

He is against investing in mutual funds and passive index funds. He considers them bad ways to build a nest egg because they do not protect your money when the market corrects or crashes and they offer little returns.

Ian claims that many Americans missed the bull market that occurred between 2009 and 2020 because they chose to invest the wrong way. The average returns of individual investors were 1.9%, which was below overall market performance.

He says that had you invested in the S&P in 2020, for example, you’d be leaving a lot of money on the table because the best-performing stocks were not in the index. Companies like Moderna, Zoom, and Tesla (joined the index in December) were not in the S&P and passive index investors missed out on them.

He also refers to a 2017 study by a Wharton finance professor called Dr. Jeremy Siegel that found that 82% of stocks that were removed from the index went on to outperform the ones that replaced them.

So, what alternative to passive investing does Ian King propose?

He wants you to create your “retirement index”… to find a few high-performing stocks and add them to your portfolio instead of investing in an index and mutual fund. If you need help, he is offering to allow you to use his “retirement index” – he is counting on it.

He says that each stock in his retirement index had to satisfy “five profit factors,” which are:

  • World-changing trends. It has to be involved in a world-changing trend. It has to be working on a tipping-point innovation that will impact the industry it is in. An example is EV maker, Tesla.
  • Price acceleration. The price of its stock has to have upward momentum because that means that it is exciting.
  • There is a bit of market timing involved whereby when a stock is doing well, he waits for a pullback to get in on it at a discount. It is often referred to as “buying the dip.”
  • Market cap. He goes for mid- to large-cap stocks that may grow exponentially and attract institutional investors.
  • The X-Factor. It must have something special that sets it apart from other companies in its sector or subsector.

He has gathered five stocks that he expects to outperform the market and he has written a report about them called The 20-Minute Retirement Solution — 5 Stocks for a Wealthy Retirement. For a free copy of the report, you have to sign up for his newsletter (Automatic Fortunes).

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Who is Ian King?

According to his profile on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, Ian King is a professional trader cum investment guru. He entered the financial services industry at the age of 19 when he joined Merrill Lynch and by the time he was 25, he was managing other traders.

He became the head trader of a hedge fund called Peahi Capital where he and his fellow traders endured the Global Financial Crisis. As other funds lost money and other investors got swept up by the crisis, his hedge fund recorded an annualized return of 261%.

He left Wall Street at the age of 35 to write newsletters. At Banyan Hill, he is the editor in charge of Automatic Fortunes and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes.

King developed an online cryptocurrency course for Investopedia Academy.

He has been featured on Zero Hedge, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, and Fox Business News.

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What do you get when you join Automatic Fortunes?

As we saw earlier, to receive the report about Ian King’s 20-Minute Retirement Solution, you have to sign up for his newsletter, Automatic Fortunes.

When you join the newsletter, besides that report, you get:

  • 12 monthly Automatic Fortunes newsletters. Each issue of the newsletter has market analysis by Ian King as well as investment recommendations.
  • Access to King’s model portfolio. You can see what stocks Ian has on his buy list. You can also track the performance of every recommendation.
  • Weekly alerts and updates. Through these updates, you are always informed on important events happening in the market that can impact your positions.
  • 24/7 access to the private encrypted website. Through it, you will have access to all the above from one convenient spot.

If you join the newsletter through the presentation, you receive a few other special reports from Ian besides the first one. They are:

  • 5 Toxic Stocks to Dump Now
  • Buy This Millennial App Now
  • The Driverless Car Race Is Here: Grab Over 100% Gains Now
  • How to Make a Fintech Fortune
  • The Company Leading the Big Data Money Boom
  • The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription costs $47

Refund Policy

Automatic Fortunes comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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Is The 20-Minute Retirement Solution a legit presentation?

The 20 Minute Retirement Solution is a legitimate presentation.

I think it is legit because Ian King is a trading guru who works for Banyan Hill Publishing where he advises retail investors through his newsletters. I have previously come across other presentations he has released, including The Big RIP and another about Mobility-as-a-Service and I always conclude that he is legit. In addition to working for Banyan Hill, he also provides trading education and is responsible for the first crypto trading course offered by Investopedia.

That being said, I don’t think you should follow everything he says without doing your research because he is not perfect. He may be wrong in his approach because the market is unpredictable.

My Final Word on The 20 Minute Retirement Solution

The 20 Minute Retirement Solution was meant to market Automatic Fortunes and introduce us to Ian King’s approach to retirement planning. He is not a fan of passive investing in mutual funds and index funds because he believes that they don’t offer decent returns and they expose you to external market factors.

His alternative is to find a group of high-performing stocks (that meet the five conditions we went over) and invest in them instead. In the presentation, he says that he has identified five stocks that meet his criteria and the only way you can find out their names is to sign up for his $47/yr newsletter.

Although Ian exposes the flaws in passive investing, you shouldn’t forget that passive investors have been outperforming active managers for a while now. Although this doesn’t invalidate his argument that picking better stocks than those in the index, it is worth considering if you are to follow his advice.

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