What is Ian King’s “The Big RIP” Pitch?

Ian King’s presentation about “The Big Rip” has been getting a lot of attention of late.

In the near-hour-long pitch, he talks about why we should avoid an investment widely considered to be safe. The header even hints at this as it states “Millions of Investors Will Soon Be Devastated By ‘THE BIG RIP’ That’s why you must abandon — right now — the one investment everyone believes is 100% safe…”

Therefore, the purpose of this review will be to take a closer look at Ian’s concerns and highlight the key points – this includes his alternative investment.

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What is The Big RIP?

Besides using it to promote his newsletter, Automatic Fortunes, The Big Rip is a presentation by Ian King talking about a massive transfer of wealth that will create investment opportunities for investors.

The Big Rip by Ian King

He claims that over $34.4 trillion “is on the move… from one industry to another” and that some people will benefit from it as others lose everything they have worked for.

Ian lays into the mainstream media and blames it for peddling misleading advice. He claims that it has lost its moral authority because it has opted to publish sensational headlines that have scared retail investors out of the market rather than be objective and inform people of the opportunities, particularly in the tech sector.

He believes that investors who listen to those messages and prefer to hold cash will miss out on the “wealth transfer” as they have in the past.

Rather than listen to the media, he wants his readers to pay attention to what’s happening in the tech sector. He thinks that innovation and productivity are set to accelerate significantly in the next couple of years.

He has set his sights on one innovation that he believes is more disruptive and more lucrative than anything he has ever seen because it could create a $34.4 trillion disruption.

He expects it to change the finance sector significantly by making banks obsolete and creating a reliable currency that will replace money as we know it today.

At this point, it is obvious (and he reveals this) that he is talking about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He slams the negative coverage cryptos have been getting from the media that has dissuaded people from taking them seriously.

We’ll take a look at how he wants you to invest in crypto after we’ve learned more about him and his investment approach:

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a professional trader and investment analyst who is part of the editorial team at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has previously made presentations about Spectrum The Future of All Technology and Fluorescent Sand, which were both about 5G.

His first involvement with the finance sector was as an intern at Merrill Lynch in the 1990s. After taking his first steps and learning the ropes, he went on to work for Salomon Brothers and much later, a New York-based hedge fund called Peahi Capital.

During the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, he and his team at Peahi Capital recorded an annualized gain of 261% as other investors and money managers lost money. This proved that he has an eye for overlooked opportunities, which is what his newsletters are all about.

He is particularly keen on the technology sector and is always on the hunt for emerging technologies before they go mainstream.

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How to make money from The Big RIP

Since cryptocurrencies are one of the most written-about topics with guys like Teeka Tiwari (Project Deepwave) and Tom Gentile (Largest Economic Shift in Society) sharing their insights, how is Ian King’s version any different.

He has identified two ways you can make money from blockchain and bitcoin.

The first involves a fintech company that is “bringing bitcoin and blockchain to the masses.” It was established in 2012 and its first year, it brought in revenues worth $203 million. Last year, it brought in $4.7 billion (revenue).

In November 2017, it released an update that allowed its users to buy and sell bitcoin; a move that added to its revenue numbers significantly. It allowed them to transact different assets at the same time, which means that you can pay someone in US dollars and they can receive that payment in bitcoin.

Its customers are predominantly young Millennials, who have a propensity to do business without involving banks. They also prefer making payments, taking out loans, and getting paid without handling cash.

He wrote a report about it titled Your Tech Advantage: How to Make up to 200% on a Trailblazing Fintech Stock that he wants to give away to people who sign up for his newsletter, Automatic Fortunes.

However, you don’t have to subscribe to find out its name because I did a bit of research and discovered that the fintech company he is referring to here is Square (SQ). It is a merchant services aggregator and a mobile payment company whose main products are point of sales terminals and auxiliary equipment.

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If you are still interested in his newsletter, here is what you get for subscribing to Automatic Fortunes:

  • The monthly dispatch. Every month, Ian King will look for a “tipping point trend” and an investment to make money off.
  • Weekly webinars. You will also receive updates to the model portfolio every Thursday.
  • Trade alerts. When you need to take urgent action to close or open a position, Ian will send you one of these.
  • Daily Briefings. You will be subscribed to a daily e-letter called Smart Profits Daily.
  • A bonus report called Making $1 Million: How to Buy Your First Bitcoin that educates you on how to invest in Bitcoin

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Refund Policy

Automatic Fortunes has a 12-month money-back guarantee.

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Is The Big RIP legit?

I think Ian’s presentation about The Big Rip is legit.

It is a pitch by an expert analyst giving his opinion about investing in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin and although he takes his time, he makes some valid points. Of course, he uses sales language because he wants to promote his newsletter, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a legit presentation.

Therefore, you shouldn’t automatically embrace all the stats and figures he includes in the presentation because his past successes do not indicate that his recommendations will be successful.

My Final Word on The Big RIP

Ian King is a strong believer in investing in technological trends. He has done presentations in the past encouraging people to take 5G seriously as an investment opportunity and in this one, he is all for cryptocurrencies.

He is not the only guru talking about cryptos as a great investment opportunity. I should mention that in 2020 alone, many other analysts have touted them. You can tell that they sense that people are losing faith in a volatile, unpredictable market and going for alternatives like cryptos to diversify their holdings.

If there is anything to take away from this presentation, is that Ian wants you to invest in Square (SQ) and bitcoin.

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