Is The Four Day Profit Cycle Legit? [Tom Gentile]

Is The Four Day Profit Cycle by Tom Gentile worth your time?

Money Map Press has been promoting a presentation by Tom Gentile titled “The Four day Profit Cycle.”

When I received the email inviting me to check it out, I went through the whole thing and realized that it concerns an investment strategy that enables you to “10X Your Money… in Just Four Months,” to quote the header.

In this review, I will give you a quick rundown of what the investment strategy entails to allow you to better decide what to make of Tom’s offer.

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What is The Four Day Profit Cycle?

When Tom Gentile published his presentation concerning The Four Day Profit Cycle, he intended for it to promote his newsletter, the Weekly Cash Clock.

The Four Day Profit Cycle by Tom Gentile

But besides advertising the advisory service, he also outlined the investment strategy behind it i.e. how he picks his trades.

Tom claims that you can generate a windfall from a single stake if you follow his trading strategy. He calls it the four-day profit cycle because you typically open a position on Monday and close it by Friday (although this isn’t set in stone).

He says that by following his strategy, you can grow your initial investment ten times over within four months. In an example he gives to illustrate this, he walks us through a series of trades that turn a $5,000 investment into $52,455 within four months.

The premise of his strategy is that when you invest your money, you later reinvest the earnings to earn even more returns. Without ever withdrawing money from your account during this period, you build your nest egg. This investment technique is a textbook case of compounding your investment.

Tom says you can start with as little as $150 in your trading account.

How Tom Predicts Stock Movement

To achieve this, Tom looks for certain patterns in the stock charts of companies he is interested in to predict their price movements. To analyze those charts, he uses a tool he refers to as the Weekly Cash Clock.

Since studying stocks involves analyzing millions of data points every day, he can’t do it himself. He tells us that to operate the Weekly Cash Clock, he has a team of programmers working around the clock tracking the price movements of the top 250 stocks.

Besides, when he uses a chart, the patterns he targets are the kind that you can’t see with the naked eye.

He doesn’t share the details of how he picked his top 250 stocks but shares a bit about the patterns he looks for. He uses three “trading channels” that have to align for him to make his prediction. The three elements are:

  • Strength
  • Momentum
  • Confirmation

When the three align, he can then extrapolate the stock chart and predict how the stock price will move in the next few days.

When he is confident about his prediction, the next step is to find the option plays that can earn decent returns. He doesn’t just go for any option play, he prefers weekly options (which are different from the usual options contracts).

He prefers options to stocks because they can earn returns in all market conditions.

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile refers to himself as “the #1 pattern trader in America.” He is part of the editorial team at Money Map Press and Money Morning, which both publish independent investment research.

Although he knows his way around various financial instruments, he prefers to concentrate on options. He is a professional options trader and most of his investment advisory services are options-based.

He also teaches people how to trade options. He taught himself how they work while he was living with his parents and went on to co-found a company called Optionetrics that taught people how they are work. He and his partners sold the company for millions.

Tom now edits newsletters, some of which I have reviewed here before or encountered while analyzing his presentations. A few times when I’ve encountered his work include when I reviewed $150,000 Profit Party, Flipping Stocks Club and Largest Economic Shift in Society.

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What you get when you join Weekly Cash Clock

If you want to make money using The Four Day Profit Cycle, you have to join the newsletter he built on the strategy, the Weekly Cash Clock (it is named after the tool he uses to study price patterns).

As he promotes it, Tom says that he started offering the service to give regular people a chance to become rich; to show them the strategies used by elite investors.

If you sign up for the advisory service, you are entitled to:

  • The Essentials of Profitable Options Trading Video Course: It is an online webinar through which Tom teaches you his trading strategy.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Alerts: Every Monday, you get a new weekly option play coupled with research backing it.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Alert Video: The alerts are accompanied by these two- to three-minute videos in which Tom explains the thinking behind picking each trade.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Updates: If anything significant happens abruptly that Tom feels you need to know, he sends you one of these.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Text Messaging Service: If you prefer text notifications, you can sign up for this service.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Quick-Start Guide: Tom teaches you the basics of options trading, including things like opening a trading account, placing your trades, just to mention a few.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Online: You gain access to the members-only website where you can access past reports and the model portfolio.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Coaching Webinars: Tom hosts coaching sessions where he gives general investment advice.

Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee for the Weekly Cash Clock is $1,950.

Refund Policy

The subscription fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Is The Four Day Profit Cycle legit?

The Four Day Profit Cycle is a legit presentation.

It gives Tom Gentile a platform to showcase his trading strategy that is built on a proprietary tool that analyzes stock charts. It is meant to predict the movement of the stock price to determine how one can trade options.

Although the strategy makes sense, that doesn’t guarantee that Tom’s recommendations will earn you money because the market is unpredictable and there are risks attached to every move you make.

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My Final Word on The Four Day Profit Cycle

The Four Day Profit Cycle is predicated on utilizing the compounding effect to grow your wealth and timing the market. Tom has a proprietary tool that predicts stock price changes in the short-term, which then informs his option picks (weekly options).

By trading options rather than stocks, he intends to earn higher returns within a short period and can capitalize on upticks and downtrends in those price movements. He typically keeps his positions open for four days (get in on Monday and exit on Friday).

Although he makes it all sound relatively easy in his presentation, making money using the compounding effect consistently is tough. Negative returns can interrupt your momentum making it tough to build your nest egg.

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