What Is The Great Devastation Of 2021? [Andy Snyder Pitch]

Andy Snyder of Manward Press released a presentation with the title The Great Devastation of 2021.

Andy spends most of the presentation painting a doomsday scenario where he claims that the economy could be in a worse state in 2021 than during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Therefore, in today’s piece, we will be taking a closer look at the presentation to help you understand what he meant by this. We will also go over the solutions he proposes.

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What is The Great Devastation Of 2021?

The Great Devastation of 2021 is a presentation by Andy Snyder about the possibility of an economic depression hitting the country in 2021.

The Great Devastation of 2021

Andy claims that the pandemic and the government lockdowns that were implemented by governments in 2020 to curb the spread of the virus may tip the economy towards recession.

He says that bankruptcies are soaring and the evidence for this is apparent. For example, 100,000 small businesses have already gone under, more than 46 million people have lost their jobs, people and businesses are defaulting on their loans, the tax base is shrinking, and the government doesn’t have a way out.

He notes that the government’s solution to all these problems has been to ‘print money out of thin air‘ to keep failing businesses afloat and help individuals meet their basic needs by handing them stimulus checks.

He says that if done wrongly and the vaccine rollout fails to be as impactful as it should be, the dollar may lose value so fast that the country goes into hyperinflation, a rare situation that has previously been seen in 1930s Germany and Zimbabwe.

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Preparing for The Great Devastation of 2021

To prepare for a possible recession, Andy has a few tips for us.

First, he warns that we should avoid sitting on cash, keeping our money in savings accounts, and buying bonds. Instead, we should move our money into the stock market because it has done well overall and has pretty much regained its pre-covid highs – it only dipped in March when investors panicked and sold off their assets.

Andy says that part of the reason why the recovery was quick was that people were using their stimulus money to invest in the stock market.

He has distilled his plan to survive a recession into five steps:

Step 1: Investing in devastation-proof stocks.

He says that there are stocks that are likely to thrive even when the market is in the red. He has identified three companies that he would recommend:

  • The first one is a powerhouse in the world of investments and he even refers to it as “the Google of the finance world.”
  • The second company is in tech and has room for unlimited growth. It recently announced a buyback that could supercharge its stock. It also offers a dividend payout.
  • The third company is a data provider for the banking sector. It launched software that enables banks to evaluate people’s creditworthiness.

He wrote a report titled 3 Perfect Stocks for ‘Devastation-Proof’ Wealth about the three stocks.

Step 2. Invest in gold

Gold is a go-to investment whenever we undergo periods of economic uncertainty. It is no surprise that Andy has it on the list here and gurus like Jeff Clark and Bryan Bottarelli agree as they have also touted it as a viable safe-haven investment.

Andy wrote a report called Manward’s Guide to Owning and Profiting From Gold to talk about investing in it.

Step 3: Invest in a cryptocurrency called “LibertyCoin”

Although there are other factors behind the recent crypto bull market, cryptocurrencies have proven to be an alternative crisis investment to gold as they have done well at a time when the economy is on the ropes. I have encountered many analysts who also recommend cryptos.

Andy has a report called LibertyCoin: The Perfect Crypto for Building Wealth and Liberty. It is about a digital currency that he wants people to invest in that he calls “LibertyCoin.”

Step 4: Avoid investing in certain companies

Andy has a list of six companies that he expects to collapse in 2021. He has written about them in a report called The Bankruptcy Watch List: Six American Icons on Suicide Watch.

Step 5: Invest in “The No. 1 Tech Stock of the Decade”

Andy has identified a tech company that he wants you to buy and hold. It is an Arizona-based internet service provider. It has clients like Roku, DirecTV, BBC, Marvel, HBO, NBC, Fox, and Disney.

He says that it may be acquired by Amazon (and such an acquisition could be a huge boon for investors).

It has strong numbers: its revenue has increased tenfold from 2005 to 2019. Company executives have been buying its shares, which implies that they are confident in the company.

He wrote a report titled The #1 Tech Stock of the Decade about this internet service provider.

To receive free copies of the five special reports, you have to sign up for The Manward Letter.

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Who is Andy Snyder?

Andy is an entrepreneur, investment analyst, and author. He currently writes newsletters as you’ll see in a moment but before he got into the newsletter editing business, he was a money manager.

He once had a job with a firm that had $100 billion in assets under management and he believes that that was where he learned everything he knows about the market.

He founded Manward Press to give his unfiltered, unorthodox views about money and now edits a newsletter called The Manward Letter.

He has appeared on radio and a few other platforms. He has also been a keynote speaker at some events.

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How does The Manward Letter work?

Andy wants you to join the Manward Letter to learn more about his five-step plan to live through and beat The Great Devastation of 2021. He hopes that you will be convinced by his presentation.

If you decide to join his newsletter, you will receive:

  • A free copy of Andy’s book titled The Manward Guidebook: 47 Skills for Modern Life.
  • 12 monthly issue of the Manward Letter. Each issue has new investment opportunities.
  • Urgent weekly updates.
  • Access to Andy’s model stock portfolios.
  • Access to past newsletters and special reports.
  • Free copies of the five aforementioned reports.

Subscription Fee

In the first year, you can pay $49, $79, or $129 based on the subscription plan you choose out of the three levels. The renewal fee is $79 across the board.

Refund Policy

The newsletter has a one-year money-back guarantee.

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Is The Great Devastation Of 2021 legit?

The Great Devastation of 2021 is a legit presentation. Andy Snyder is a legit newsletter guru who edits newsletters and is the leading voice at Manward Press. Although it is tempting to conclude that much of what he says won’t happen and we should dismiss it as farfetched, it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. Amid all the hyperbolic statements, remember he is talking about actual investments that you can find and invest in. Whether those investments are good is a separate matter.

My Final Word on The Great Devastation Of 2021

The Great Devastation of 2021 was meant to promote The Manward Letter. However, it also allows Andy to give us his perspective on how he expects the economy to be like in 2021. In the opening texts, he tells us that he doesn’t see anything but a recession and that’s pretty much what the entire presentation centers on thereafter.

He urges you to invest in gold and cryptocurrencies, two asset classes that have done pretty well over the past few months. Other factors have driven their upward trajectory but it is not a coincidence that gold and Bitcoin have set records while the economy has been in dire straits.

Although Andy’s presentation sounds extreme, you should still lend him an ear because you can learn something even when you don’t agree with much of what he says.

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