Is The Oxford Club Legit? [Unbiased Reviews]

Welcome to my review of the Oxford Club.

I have encountered presentations and newsletters offered by the Oxford Club a couple of times in the past. So, with this review, I decided to focus on the publisher behind them.

Inside the review, I walk you through the experts’ investment philosophies and approaches, the premium services they offer, and the benefits afforded to people who subscribe to any of their services.

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What is The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is an independent publisher of financial articles and newsletters. It is one of the longest-running publishers in the country.

The Oxford Club Reviews

It is a network of investors and entrepreneurs. Its mission is to help its members grow and protect their wealth. By “being wealthy,” they mean that you need to succeed in the following areas:

  • Financial freedom
  • Forming strong relationships with other successful people
  • Extraordinary life experiences
  • Personal achievement
  • Giving back through charity

The Oxford Club’s mission is to help its members build their financial, social, and intellectual capital.

It has more than 157,000 members in over 130 countries.

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Who Founded the Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club was started in the early 1970s by Gary Scott, an American who lived in Hong Kong where he sold mutual funds and insurance. He brought together a group of Westerners who lived and worked there and formed an international businessman’s club which he named The Merchant’s & Brokers Exchange.

In the eighties, he gave up control of the organization to Bill Bonner, the founder of Agora Financial. Bill changed its name to the Passport Club.

Around the same period, an independent publisher in Florida launched a newsletter called The Oxford Club. It grew in popularity and in 1991, the publisher sold it to Bill Bonner.

He combined the Oxford Club and the Passport Club to form one entity. He retained the name “The Oxford Club” because it evoked a spirit of tradition and it felt classy. Bill Bonner appointed Julia Guth as the CEO, a position she holds to this day.

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Who are the Experts at the Oxford Club?

Alexander Green

Alex is the chief investment strategist. He is behind The Great American Wealth Project.

He is the senior editor of the Oxford Communique. He also edits The Insider Alert, Oxford Microcap Trader, and The Momentum Alert.

He has been active in the investment circles for more than two decades. He spent 16 years on Wall Street where he was an investment advisor, portfolio manager, and research analyst.

He specializes in value investing and momentum investing. Alex has a proclivity for basing his buying or selling decisions on insider activity.

Marc Lichtenfeld

Marc is the chief income strategist at the Oxford Club.

He is the senior editor of The Oxford Income Letter. He also edits the Stock Sequence Trader, Closing Bell Profits, and Lightning Trend Trader.

Before he joined The Oxford Club, he was working for Jim Cramer’s TheStreet where he was a Senior Columnist.

He is a specialist in income investing. He also helps people approaching retirement get their finances in order.

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Matthew Carr

Matthew is the chief trends strategist at the Oxford Club.

He edits The VIPER Alert, Strategic Trends Investor, Trailblazer Pro, Profit Trends, and Dynamic Fortunes.

Matthew has had over two decades of involvement with the finance industry. He specializes in finding the biggest trends in the market to capitalize on them and earn his followers outsized gains.

He focuses on both the classic industries like mining and oil and the cutting-edge industries like cloud computing, cannabis, and small-cap tech.

David Fessler

David is the Energy and Infrastructure strategist.

He edits Fessler’s Flash Profits. He also contributes to Profit Trends and Strategic Trends Investor.

David Fessler is an electrical engineer by profession and has even been the Vice President of two tech companies. He retired at 47 and set his sights on investing.

He uses his professional and educational experience to find the best investment opportunities in tech, energy, and infrastructure.

He was behind the presentation about the Linchpin Device.

Nicholas Vardy

Nicholas Vardy is a specialist in global investing, ETFs, and quantitative investing.

He is the lead editor of the Oxford Wealth Accelerator. He also contributes to The Oxford Communique and Liberty Through Wealth.

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Newsletters offered by The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club has three newsletters that take different approaches to investing and trading. They are:

The Oxford Communique

It is the flagship newsletter of the Oxford Club. It is led by Alexander Green.

If you sign up for the Oxford Communique, Alex will send you his thoughts concerning the market as well as his investment insights once every month.

Each week, he sends you the Oxford Communique Portfolio Update to keep you in the loop with any changes he makes in his portfolio.

The Oxford Income Letter

It is led by Marc Lichtenfeld. It focuses on income-generating investments like dividends and other common profit avenues. He uses a proprietary system called the 10-11-12 to locate income opportunities.

If you subscribe to the Oxford Income Letter, Marc sends you an email at the beginning of the month, each month. He also sends you the Oxford Income Weekly email every week to keep you updated on what he is up to.

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Strategic Trends Investor

The Strategic Trends Investor newsletter is run by Matthew Carr and David Fessler.

It is the main source of groundbreaking investment recommendations within the Oxford Club. Matthew and David’s mission is to alert you to the best trend-based opportunities before Wall Street catches wind of them.

They analyze the market in search of time-tested and emerging trends that are capable of delivering massive profits. Then they identify the disruptive companies behind those trends and recommend them to you.

VIP Trading Services offered by the Oxford Club

In addition to the three main newsletters, the Oxford Club also plays host to an assortment of VIP Trading services. These are highly specialized services targeting specific facets of the market. They include:

Closing Bell Profits

It is run by Marc Lichtenfeld. Marc, with the help of his proprietary computer program, claims to have identified a weakness that affects one ticker symbol 15 minutes before the closing bell. He believes that you can exploit it to extract $2,500 repeatedly.

Every day, he runs the program to check whether there will be a profit opening. If there is one, he notifies his subscribers just before 3:45 PM.

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Dynamic Fortunes

This trading service is run by Matthew Carr. It is based on his proprietary system called “Profit Launch Windows.” It generates higher market returns than the ubiquitous buy-and-hold strategy and minimizes risks by half.

Fessler’s Flash Profits

David Fessler has a system that helps him identify the best stock plays in the market. Every two weeks, he shares his recommendations with his readers. In its simplest form, his strategy is to buy stocks at a low price and sell them at a high price.

The Insider Alert

The insider alert, as the name suggests, is based on studying a company’s insiders to deduce from their recent transactions what moves the company is about to make and what they mean for the stock price. The service enables you to trade like an insider, but legally. It is run by Alexander Green.

Lightning Trend Trader

Marc and his team constantly scour the biotech market in search of the next breakthrough companies. He uncovers stocks that are about to pop.

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The Momentum Alert

Alex uses his prowess as a momentum investor to identify the fastest-moving stocks based on over 100 years of data. He finds companies that have a history of surpassing earnings estimates, outperforming competitors, and running surpluses. He recommends them to his subscribers.

Oxford Microcap Trader

As the name suggests, Alex shares microcap stock recommendations with his readers. He identifies microcap stocks with immense potential (while still being under Wall Street’s radar). These stocks typically show that they have it in them to grow into midcap or large-cap stocks if they don’t get bought out along the way.

Oxford Wealth Accelerator

Nicholas Vardy shares his proprietary approach to investing in Exchange Traded Funds with his subscribers.

He finds the fastest moving trends in the market whether it is bearish or bullish and finds the best ETFs to capitalize on them. In doing so, he takes advantage of ETFs’ ability to generate profits with less risk.

Stock Sequence Trader

Marc identifies an event in a stock’s lifecycle when it is likely to earn massive returns. The event in question has nothing to do with buybacks, earnings announcements, or other conventional indicators.

He predicts the event using his proprietary Ignition Sequence System and finds the trades with the biggest potential upside, which he then recommends.

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Trailblazer Pro

Matthew aims to beat mainstream investors to the next cutting-edge industries. Such industries include robotics, augmented reality, and virtual reality, just to mention a few. His goal is to invest in firms within these industries to capitalize on the rises in stock prices when the mainstream money starts pouring in.

Oxford Bond Advantage

This service exposes you to the best corporate bonds in America.

The VIPER Alert

Matthew’s investment strategy is to find stocks that are about to surge. He achieves that by subjecting the stocks to his two metrics, the VIPER Score and a ratio that spots stocks that show signs of delivering massive short-term returns. His system has outperformed the Russell 2000 benchmark over the last 10 years.

The Oxfordian Hotel Collection

The Oxford Club gives its members insider access to exotic hotels where can sojourn for a VIP experience whether they are on a business trip or traveling for pleasure.

The Oxford Club usually has a special connection with the owner for it to be added to the list.

Members are granted special deals or amenities during their stay.

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Merits of The Oxford Club

  • It exposes you to a wide range of strategies and viewpoints from different analysts.
  • The experts who write for the Oxford Club have decades of experience in the fields they write about.
  • As a member of the club, you gain access to the Oxfordian Hotel collection.

Demerits of The Oxford Club

  • Not all recommendations they share are profitable. Some lose money rather than make it.
  • Some of the marketing techniques employed by the Oxford Club are unethical. For example, during presentations, analysts tend to oversell themselves.

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Is The Oxford Club legit?

I think the Oxford Club is legit for a few reasons. First, The Oxford Communique, the flagship newsletter offered by the Oxford Club, was ranked as one of the top 10 best-performing newsletters of the past 15 years by the Hulbert Financial Digest.

Hulbert Financial Digest is an independent publication run by Mark Hulbert, a senior columnist for MarketWatch.

Second, many people have benefited from the recommendations that various experts have given over the years.

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My Final Word on The Oxford Club

When they founded it, the owners of the Oxford Club wanted to create a network of investors who shared interests and used their global connections to identify unique opportunities.

They believed that you have a better chance of finding investment opportunities through your connections than relying on the mainstream press.

Every month the experts and the teams that work with them research hundreds of opportunities in search of the ones that have the largest potential gains and the smallest risks. They share these with their members.

Note that the Oxford Club does not offer personalized advice because its experts are not allowed to do so. What they dole out is general advice that you have to decide to either follow or discard depending on your situation.

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