The Real World Andrew Tate Review [June 2023]

Are you ready to break free from conventional education systems and embark on a lucrative journey toward financial success?

If you do, you may have heard of Andrew Tate’s The Real World. It is marketed as an innovative online education platform that’s teaching people how to make money online thus giving you “the portal to escape the matrix.”

I bought a subscription to The Real World and I have been taking courses with it over the last few months. In this The Real World review, I detail my firsthand experience as a member.

What Is The Real World?

The Real World is an education platform founded by Andrew Tate that focuses on teaching individuals how to make money online through straightforward, step-by-step lessons, access to a global community of like-minded individuals, and mentorship from industry specialists.

Andrew Tate himself is rarely involved in the day-to-day training and that’s why it was still working even when he was in jail. But I’ve seen him occasionally drop in to share a thought.

The Real World Tate

I’ve been on the program since it launched in November 2022. Before that, I was a member of Hustler’s University, which appeared to be phased out but has since made a comeback.

Hustlers University 4.0 and The Real World are indistinguishable now.

What sets The Real World Tate apart from other providers is its emphasis on community mentorship and self-reliant learning. Members are taught modern business models and how they can leverage them to be financially sufficient.

The Real World Tate

The ultimate goal of The Real World Tate’s unique education system is financial freedom and independence through cutting-edge strategies designed for rapid execution in today’s digital landscape.

The training sessions are provided by experienced coaches who’ve already achieved significant financial success themselves.

How The Real World Tate works

Andrew Tate’s vision for a modern educational platform emerged from his belief in the potential of online education to empower individuals seeking financial freedom. The Real World, as he calls it, aims to break free from traditional education systems which may not always be ideal for those looking to acquire high-income skills and build profitable businesses.

At the core of Andrew Tate’s philosophy are self-reliance and resilience. His custom-built online platform encourages members to take control of their financial journey.

Andrew Tate’s vision for this modern-day educational platform is evident in its custom-built infrastructure and self-reliant setup. This ensures students have all the resources they need without relying on third-party tools or services.

The Real World Tate resonates with people who wish to break free from the conventional constraints of society-imposed norms regarding careers and success.

It encourages members to take personal risks, something that traditional education often fails at delivering.

The standout aspects of The Real World Tate are its emphasis on community mentorship and personal initiative.

For instance, within the Real World portal, you have access to a wealth of resources but it is up to you to choose what to learn.

The Real World does not give you a certificate of completion when you finish a course or accreditation of any kind.

In November, Tate had over 150,000 people inside a private Telegram group waiting to get access to TRW when it launched. Now it has over 200,000 users and that figure is growing.

How The Real World Works

The Real World operates on a new application with dedicated servers unlike before when it was run on Discord servers. Andrew Tate created a fully independent learning platform that he says is not reliant on service providers who may cancel him.

He says that this new format allows him and his tutors to broach subjects that they wouldn’t otherwise attempt fearing retribution.

New app for The Real World

You can access the new app, or The Real World portal, through your web browser or the mobile app.

The Real World portal on a web browser

Smartphone App

You can install the app on your smartphone from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Real World phone App

The web app and the smartphone app allow you to access the platform. Here are the campuses on the phone app.

You can access the courses on your smartphone app

The Real World portal is subdivided into campuses and each focuses on a specific topic. Some people teach each course called professors.

The Copywriting Campus is the most popular

The homepage features the latest updates, announcements, and links to various sections of the portal.

Member resources include downloadable PDFs, audio files, and video lessons covering various wealth-creation methods taught by industry experts.

There are regular webinars, hosted by Andrew Tate himself or guest speakers who share their success stories and tips for making money online.

The copywriting campus is the most popular course because you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. Only a laptop and internet connection will suffice.

How To Make Money Online With The Real World Tate

You can earn money online by joining the Marketing Bootcamp because it is a requirement to become an affiliate for The Real World and earn commissions for referrals.

Inside, they teach you how to create viral content. A good example is posting short clips of Andrew Tate content on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts and then encouraging people to join The Real World via your affiliate link.

This is what made Andrew Tate and Hustler’s University go viral on TikTok and become the most Googled person on the internet in the Summer of 2022. The clips that increased his visibility were long-form content that was edited into short clips.

I think the commission is too small and I also don’t like the fact that it is not recurring.

The Real World Minimum Age Requirement

The Real World has no minimum age requirement as long as you can pay the subscription fee. Andrew Tate urges minors to seek parental consent.

One thing that stands out is how besides talking about their successes, members share personal stories of their insecurities, grief, and feelings of being unaccomplished.

Who are the Professors in Tate’s The Real World?

The coaches are called “Professors” and “their teachings come from experience, not theory.”

The Real World Professors

The requirement to be a “professor” earn over $1M in profits using the methods you teach.

Andrew Tate’s The Real World Campuses

The platform comprises campuses each focusing on a different aspect of making money online.

They are to the left of the member portal.

The Real World Campuses

There are different categories. The “introductory” campuses are:

  • UGC: User Generated Content campus is a new addition and it is for teaching you how to boost engagement and generate income across platforms.
  • E-commerce: They teach you to start and run an e-commerce business. That includes dropshipping and private labeling.
  • Copywriting: They teach you copywriting and how to secure high-paying clients.
  • Freelancing: It is an introduction to freelance work. You learn how to acquire clients and keep them happy.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI has been getting a lot of attention these days, so they teach you how to monetize it.
  • Fitness

The next category of campuses teaches you to multiply your income by investing in cryptos or stocks.

The Real World multiply your income

You learn investment strategies to multiply your profits.

The last category of campuses teaches you how to scale your business if you are further along on your business journey.

The Real World scale your business

You learn to fine-tune your operations and accelerate business growth. You learn how the wealthy manage money, and scale your finances once you have accumulated some cash.

How the Campuses Work

The campuses are subdivided into modules and tutorials:

How The Real World Campuses work

The ‘professors’ share videos of their coursework, like this example from copywriting:

The copywriting professor in The Real World

You have to take the course in the prescribed order because the latter tutorials are only unlocked when you finish up the preceding ones. Here is an example:

The crypto campus The Real World

There are tests to gauge whether you understand the content. You have to get everything right to proceed.

Tutorial questions in The Real World

If you fail to get the right answer, you can retake the questions and review the material as many times as you need.

The Real World Cost

Andrew Tate's The Real World Pricing

The monthly membership costs $49.99.

There are no refunds.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing world champion, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. He went viral and developed a large following when he was big on TikTok and YouTube before they banned him.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s extensive car collection and luxurious lifestyle are often featured in his social media posts.

Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, created a webcam business where men would log in and chat with women online. It was his first major source of wealth and, incidentally, the cause of his recent legal troubles in Romania.

At the end of 2022, Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania alongside his brother Tristan on allegations of human trafficking, rape, and creating an organized crime group.

Tate also promotes The War Room, a group chat on Telegram he created that costs $4,497. He refers to it as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration.”

Many people may view him as a controversial figure due to his personal opinions. However, it is important to separate his personal beliefs from his business ventures.

Is Andrew Tate’s The Real World Legit?

From my firsthand experience, The Real World is legit. There are lessons on how to make money and you get access to a community of like-minded individuals.

The platform is for the kind of person that thinks that the modern education system has failed. If you are looking for alternatives to traditional education, you will like it.

Success Stories and Testimonials From The Real World Students

Although The Real World is relatively new, there have already been success stories. Students are usually encouraged to share their success stories and testimonials, detailing how “The Real World” has helped them achieve financial independence.

Success Stories and Testimonials From The Real World Students

One student mentioned that they were able to scale their profitable business after learning wealth-creation methods from the platform.

Many students have praised the advanced training and expert mentorship provided by industry specialists within “The Real World”. They share how this personalized approach has allowed them to learn cutting-edge strategies designed for making money online.

The platform’s mentorship program is also emphasized as invaluable in securing high-paying clients, which ultimately leads to greater financial freedom.

Benefits of Andrew Tate’s The Real World

Practical Lessons on Wealth Creation

The Real World Tate offers members a unique education system with easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons on wealth creation methods. The platform has been designed to help individuals achieve financial freedom and independence through various business models.

It offers advanced training from millionaire industry specialists who have spent years developing their successful businesses.

This unique education system prioritizes rapid execution over theory-based learning found in regular educational institutions.

Variety of Courses

One of the key benefits of The Real World is that it offers a variety of business models to choose from. Whether you want to start an e-commerce business, offer high-end services, or create your payment processors, there is a course that can help you get there.

Access To A Global Community Of Like-minded Individuals

“The Real World” offers more than just wealth creation lessons – it also provides members with access to a global community of like-minded individuals. This community is made up of people who are all on the same mission, which is to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Within this community, mentorship chats are available where experienced millionaires provide advanced training and expert advice to those looking to take their business to the next level.

Financial Freedom And Independence As The Ultimate Goal

One of the biggest draws of The Real World Tate is its focus on financial freedom and independence. Andrew Tate believes that traditional education and job opportunities are not the most efficient way to achieve this, which is why his platform teaches members how to make money online.

Advanced Training and Expert Mentorship From Industry Specialists

The Real World Tate offers advanced training and expert mentorship from industry specialists to its members. This means that individuals looking to start making money online can expect to learn from experts who have already achieved a level of financial success. For instance, if you’re interested in starting an e-commerce business, your mentor would likely be someone who has established similar ventures before and can help guide you through the process.

Drawbacks of The Real World

  • The monthly is a bit high for some people.
  • The affiliate program only offers a 1-time commission.
  • The subscription is non-refundable.
  • The interface of the app takes time to get used to and navigate.
  • There are better courses you can find elsewhere online that go deeper into the subjects


In conclusion, The Real World Tate is a completely online educational platform that stands out among traditional education systems as it teaches members how to make money online.

Founded by Andrew Tate, who also founded Hustlers University, this platform offers advanced training and expert mentorship from industry specialists. Its unique infrastructure and community mentorship program help members become financially free while being self-reliant.

From my personal experience, I think it is a good place for beginners who want structure and to get started building an online income. However, I do believe there are better programs you can find online that teach you how to make money online if you want to go deeper with particular methods.

As of May 2023, there are over 215,000 students in The Real World and the number keeps growing.

There are over 200,000 members of The Real World

From my experience, The Real World is a community and mentorship program that provides you with practical skills and access to like-minded individuals.

The platform’s unique education system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. You can learn at your own pace and on your schedule, making it perfect for those with busy lives. The platform also offers a community of like-minded individuals who are striving to acquire an abundance of wealth.