What Is Tom Gentile’s 20X Bigger Than Bitcoin Coin?

Wondering what Tom Gentile’s 20X Bigger Than Bitcoin pitch is all about?

Tom Gentile is known for recommending cryptocurrencies to his followers. This is exactly what he does in a presentation with a title that reads, “New Crypto Bull Market Trade Is Creating Profits 20X Bigger than Bitcoin.”

He suggests that there are ways to earn bigger returns in the cryptocurrency market than trading Bitcoin.

Having gone through the presentation in its entirety, this article will give you an overview of the key points that he covered to let you decide what you will make of it.

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What is 20X Bigger Than Bitcoin?

20X Bigger Than Bitcoin is the title I went for the presentation and it was published to promote Microcurrency Trader, a crypto-based newsletter that Tom edits.

20X Bigger Than Bitcoin

He starts the pitch by insisting that now is the perfect time to invest in crypto assets because the market is booming. He claims that in 2019, he predicted that Bitcoin would reach $20,000 by the end of 2020 and this was vindicated when Bitcoin surpassed that prediction and closed the year at $29,000.

He says that it is okay to invest in Bitcoin if you are keen on a long-term investment but tells us that there is an even faster way to make money during the boom. Rather than invest in Bitcoin, he touts a special kind of crypto he calls Profit Multiplier Trade that can earn you up to 20 times the gains you’d get from Bitcoin.

From that description, he is referring to altcoins – a generic term for all digital currencies that are not Bitcoin. Tom also calls them “microcurrencies.”

He says that altcoins have the potential to do better than Bitcoin citing their performance in the 2017 crypto bull market when some of them went up by 16,695% while Bitcoin rose 1,364%. He sees this playing out in the new bull market citing three reasons for that:

  1. PayPal is in allowing users to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies, in addition to dollars. This move may encourage companies like MasterCard and Visa to also join the fray.
  2. Fortune 500 companies are creating their cryptos (smart contracts) to allow for cheaper and more effective transactions with other businesses.
  3. Some cryptocurrencies have upper limits to the number of coins that can be mined (an example is Bitcoin that has a supply limit of 21 million). By having limits to the supply, Tom believes cryptocurrencies are less susceptible to inflation.

How Tom Picks his Crypto Plays

Since the crypto market is saturated with thousands of altcoins to choose from, Tom has a way of isolating his picks. He has a proprietary system that he created with help of award-winning scientists with 11 patents between them.

It spots tiny patterns in the market using mathematical patterns called “Fractal Waves.” In the context of financial markets, they are caused by extremes in investor psychology. They enable him to predict whether the price of an asset is likely to go up (at which point he recommends a trade). I know this isn’t a definitive explanation of the concept but the general idea is that he uses “Fractal Waves” as an indicator. He doesn’t get into the technical details of how they work hence my brief description.

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Three Cryptos That May Earn You 20X More Money than Bitcoin

Tom’s system has found three microcurrencies that meet his requirements.

The first one has a market cap of $3.3 billion (when the presentation was made). It is used in the banking industry and it lets people and institutions collect interest on crypto assets without going through unnecessary procedures.

The second candidate trades at $6. It operates a network for crypto networks across the globe that allow various industries to communicate and conduct transactions seamlessly.

The third pick is a company he calls “Paypal of Asia.” Since people in Asia don’t use credit cards as we do in America, this company developed a microcurrency that allows people to send money directly from their smartphones.

Those brief descriptions on their own can’t allow us to decipher what crypto assets Tom was referring to so we’ll just leave it at that.

He wrote a special report called 3 Profit Multiplier Trades for 20X More Money than Bitcoin in which he provides more details regarding his crypto picks, including their names and symbols. He also instructs you on how to set up a digital wallet, buy them, transfer money, and hedge your bets against losses.

To get the report for free, you have to subscribe to Tom’s advisory service (Microcurrency Trader).

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is a cryptocurrency expert who works for Money Map Press. He edits eight newsletters that are published by the firm. They include Money Hour, Rocket Wealth Initiative, V3 Trader, Money Calendar Pro, Weekly Cash Clock, Alpha-9 Trader, and Fast Fortune Club.

Although Tom talks about cryptocurrency trades, he is better known for options trading. In addition to trading them personally, he also offers educational services to traders who want to be involved. On top of that, most of his newsletters deal with options.

He even helped build an education platform called Optionetics that he and his co-founders later sold to a large discount broker firm.

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What you get when you join Microcurrency Trader

When you sign up for Microcurrency Trader, you get a free copy of the aforementioned report about those three crypto trades. In addition to that, you get:

  • Buy alerts whenever Tom and his team recommend a microcurrency trade. You will receive one alert every week and it comes with instructions on how to buy the crypto and the analysis that went into picking the trade
  • Each buy alert comes with a video and a text (which is optional).
  • The Microcurrency Trader Quick-Start Guide. You learn how to set up an account for trading cryptos.
  • Microcurrency Trader video tutorial series. These videos show you how the Fractal Wave system works in finer detail.
  • Sell alerts. Tom alerts you about when to close your positions.
  • Weekly Watchlist. You get weekly updates concerning the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Access to the password-protected Microcurrency Trader website. The website has all the information you need about the advisory service in one place.
  • Daily Debriefs. In these daily updates, Tom talks about potential opportunities he is keeping tabs on.

Subscription Fee

An annual subscription to Microcurrency Trader costs $1,950.

Refund Policy

Within 12 months, you can get a full refund if Tom Gentile fails to deliver at least 12 recommendations that beat Bitcoin by at least 300%.

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Is 20X Bigger Than Bitcoin a legit presentation?

20X Bigger Than Bitcoin is a legit presentation because Tom Gentile is a real investment guru who’s been offering investment advice through his newsletters at Money Map Press for years. On top of that, he is not wrong about altcoins earning bigger profits than Bitcoin because they are more volatile.

However, you should take his proposals with a grain of salt because although he may have made the right predictions in the past, his recommendations may still end up losing you money.

My Final Word on 20X Bigger Than Bitcoin

After watching Tom’s presentation, I can summarize it as follows:

  • He wants you to buy and hold Bitcoin in the long-term but invest in altcoins for short-term returns.
  • He acknowledges that while altcoins have higher profit potential, they are riskier than Bitcoin because they are more volatile.
  • He has three crypto plays he wants to share with you when you sign up for his newsletter.

2020 was a good year for crypto assets and 2021 appears to be following the same trend at least in the first few months. All things point to them making for a good investment but you have to be careful because you may lose money due to the risks involved.

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