What Is “Trump’s Final Executive Order” Pitch? [Jimmy Mengel]

I stumbled across Jimmy Mengel’s presentation about Trump’s Final Executive Order and decided to take a closer look.

It doesn’t take much analysis to learn that Mengel is talking about investing in 5G companies. The discussion centers on China’s dominance in 5G, how the US government is fighting back, and what that means for investors.

This article will walk you through the presentation highlighting the key takeaways. You can then decide what to make of Jimmy’s assertions.

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What is Trump’s Final Executive Order?

Trump’s Final Executive Order is the title of a presentation by Jimmy Mengel of the Outsider Club where besides talking about 5G companies, he promotes a newsletter called The Crow’s Nest.

Trumps Final Executive Order by Jimmy Mengel (Crow's Nest)

Mengel starts the presentation by talking about the dominance of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in 5G. It has long been known that Huawei is a market leader in the 5G rollout and the US government is not a big fan. The Trump administration added it to the Security Entity List to drive it out of the American telecommunications market.

He also mentions the diplomatic strain between the Chinese government and the West over the arrest of the daughter of Huawei’s founder in Canada that had to do with allegations that the company had illegally sold 5G technology to Iran.

Mengel takes this further and states that Huawei’s dominance has gone beyond just supplying network infrastructure; it was also the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer (as he was releasing the presentation because its sales have declined sharply since). He says that it made it to the top by taking advantage of the slump other manufacturers had to endure during the coronavirus pandemic.

He argues that this was not ideal because there is a general unease when Chinese companies control something as strategically important as 5G infrastructure – the Chinese Communist government can intervene when it deems fit and oblige companies to turn over user data.

These factors prompted the Trump administration to take measures to curtail Chinese dominance and boost American enterprise in the 5G front. That’s what Jimmy believes Trump’s Final Executive Order was all about.

So, what was in the executive order?

Executive Order 13873 banned Huawei from the 5G field in the US and pledged support to American 5G companies to facilitate American dominance in the domestic market.

Mengel says that the executive order will spark five catalysts that will be significant. They are:

  • A plan to build a “border wall” of cell towers to counter the ones Huawei intends to build on the Mexican side of the southern border.
  • The Pentagon will allow companies to build 5G networks in the mid-band spectrum that was previously reserved for Military uses.
  • The Military will donate resources to private companies to help them test their new 5G tech.
  • The government will invest $1.25 billion in the 5G rollout.
  • Big tech companies will be inclined to step up to meet consumer demand brought about by the 5G rollout thus creating a lucrative market that will be good for 5G companies.

Since investing in the 5G buildout will get profitable, Jimmy has identified three “battleground 5G” companies he wants his audience to consider:

The first one builds, maintains, and leases towers used by network companies. The second one manufactures processing chips, antenna receivers, and signal boosters. It manufactures everything in the US. The third company builds 5G routers.

He has written a report with all the details concerning the companies called Battleground 5G: Make 10x Your Money on the Three Companies Fighting to Keep China out of America’s Airwaves.

To get your hands on a free copy, you have to sign up for The Crow’s Nest newsletter.

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Who is Jimmy Mengel?

Jimmy Mengel is an investment guru who works for The Outsider Club. The Outsider Club is a small boutique investment research firm that publishes information that is not typically found on mainstream media sources.

He is the editor of The Crow’s Nest, which we will be taking a closer look at in a bit.

Jimmy’s modus operandi is to find relatively unknown companies that may benefit from some big trend and recommending them to his subscribers. He is also into cannabis stocks and has been the investment director of the Marijuana Manifesto, a publication by the Outsider Cub that handles Marijuana stocks.

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How to learn more about Trump’s Final Executive Order

To get a copy of the special report about the three 5G stocks, you have to sign up for a newsletter by the Outsider Club called The Crow’s Nest. When you join the newsletter, besides the 5G recommendations, you get:

  • All of Mengel’s latest research including his updates concerning the markets, world events, and breaking news.
  • Access to the private Crow’s Nest member’s website, which is an archive of videos, articles, and research tables. Mengel provides you with private login details when you join.
  • Free special reports like The Tesla Killer: Make Massive Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution and The Boom Stock that Will Transform America’s Cannabis Production. The first one is about fuel cell technology and has been the subject of a review I did a while ago and the second one concerns a cannabis company Mengel thinks you should consider investing in.

Subscription Fee

A one-year subscription to The Crow’s Nest costs $99.

Refund Policy

The newsletter has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Is Jimmy’s Trump Final Executive Order presentation legit?

I think Trump’s Final Executive Order presentation is legit because Jimmy Mengel is a professional newsletter editor whose work I have encountered before (especially when promoting the Crow’s Nest). In the presentation, he makes his case for three companies he thinks will do well in the 5G buildout and there is nothing wrong or unscrupulous about that. They are real companies working on actual projects.

However, that doesn’t mean that Jimmy is right and his stock picks will do well. They may end up losing money because no one can predict the market.

My Final Word on Trumps Final Executive Order

By releasing this presentation, Jimmy wanted to highlight how the former administration’s pushback against Chinese dominance in 5G may benefit American companies. He has picked three that he wants his audience to consider adding to their portfolios. He also markets his newsletter, The Crow’s Nest, to prospective subscribers who may want to continue receiving investing insights from him for $99/yr.

The 5G story has been making the rounds for the past two or so years. Investment gurus have had their say about it and will continue to do so as the 5G rollout starts to gain momentum. As arguably the most consequential technological trend of the next decade, you can understand why everyone wants to be “the analyst who predicted the next big thing in 5G.”

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