What Is The Virtual Black Diamond? [Money Map Press]

Several investment analysts recently held a series of meetings discussing the future of the markets.

The publishers at Money Map Press recorded those meetings and have been promoting them as a package called The Virtual Black Diamond Conference.

In this article, I will brief you on what they talked about to enable you to decide whether it is something you could be interested in.

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What is Virtual Black Diamond?

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference is a series of meetings hosted by a few experts affiliated with Money Map Press. The meetings spanned three days and among the topics they discussed was the state of the market and how investors can best navigate it.

What Is The Virtual Black Diamond? [Money Map Press] 2

They figured that their insights could prove helpful at a time when political temperatures were high and the market was engulfed in uncertainty.

There was the threat of a second wave of coronavirus infections to contend with as they were holding those meetings and it was evident in their discussions. They also feared that negative interest rates would have an undesirable effect on the market.

Even though they had different approaches to tackling the issues, there was a consensus that given that the markets this year had been mired in volatility, the months that were following would be even more unpredictable.

Bob Keppel, the publisher, felt that having the conference at that time was a good thing because it would allow investors to prepare their portfolios for the potentially rocky months that would follow.

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How does Virtual Black Diamond work?

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference is not an upcoming event, rather, it has already happened but the publisher recorded everything and put it together in one package. They intend to sell it to you if you are interested.

Should you buy, here is what you’ll find in the package:

  • 3 days of videos of investment analysts discussing different investment opportunities.
  • 32 investment ideas by the guest speakers.
  • 27 hours of speeches by people who work in various industries. They highlight how you should invest your money to earn the highest returns.
  • Q&A sessions where the experts answer popular but general questions asked by the attendees about investing. Note that they don’t give personalized advice.

This is all downloadable content that you can get your hands on for $149.

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Topics covered during the Virtual Black Diamond Conference

To give you an accurate picture of what the experts discussed, here are some of the important takeaways from the conference:

  • Andrew Keene uses “legal insider trading” as an investment strategy. This means that he observes how insiders like company CEOs and employees trade, tries to make sense of their actions and makes moves that match them. He uses a trading system abbreviated as S.C.A.N.
  • In his talk, Tom Gentile focuses on cryptocurrencies and gold. He even highlights a common but avoidable mistake you ought to avoid as you trade.
  • Chris Johnson also insists on gold. He suggests that you invest in alternative energy, cannabis, and two gold stocks. He also shares a list of five stocks you should avoid.
  • David Weisburd extols the benefits of investing in private companies as well as angel investing, in general.
  • R. Barton Jr. talks about how people can survive in a volatile market.
  • Shah Gilani explains how something he calls “Pulse Trading” works.
  • Michael Robinson urges viewers to invest in technology companies.
  • Don Yocham, one of the guest speakers, talks about investing in cannabis. Don is the executive director of the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, which has links to Money Map Press.
  • Rick Rule, who’s also a guest speaker, is an expert in natural resource investing with 35 years’ experience. He gives his outlook on the precious metals sector and shares his approach.

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Who were the experts at the Virtual Black Diamond Conference?

As I mentioned before, most of the analysts involved in the conference have ties to either Money Map Press or Money Morning. However, not all of them have that affiliation. Among the guests (affiliated and unaffiliated) were:

Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene is one of the options trading experts at Money Map Press. He is also behind Project 303.

He honed his trading skills working at the CBOE. At the event, he outlines his strategy, which involves observing how insiders trade and using that information to predict how well a company is doing. This then enables them to decide whether it is worth investing in.

Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is also an options expert who refers to himself as “America’s #1 Pattern Trader.” I have encountered Tom’s work before when I reviewed The Flipping Stocks Club.

He relies on proprietary algorithms to analyze historical data. In doing so, he seeks to identify patterns that he can then use to project how various stocks will move in the future. Once he finds stocks that show consistent patterns, he finds the best option contracts to monetize those movements.

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson has been active in the world of investing for 35 years, give or take a few. He has spent most of that time around Silicon Valley where he has served as a board member of a prestigious venture capital firm.

He has witnessed the rise of robotics, cloud computing, and AI. As you’d expect, his generalized financial advice centers on emerging tech trends.

Shah Gilani

Shah Gilani is an editor at Money Morning. He is said to have played a part in the development of the VIX Complex. This means that he is great at developing volatility models and is an expert at using them to analyze the market.

He appears frequently on Fox Business News and CNBC.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson entered the finance industry by working as a broker on Wall Street. He was working under a trader called Bernie Schaeffer. He uses 30-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages to analyze stocks and trade options.

David Weisburd

David Weisburd is an entrepreneur and an angel investor with a net worth of about $30 million. Some of his most notable investments include Palantir, DraftKings, and 23andMe. He is a member of Neil Patel’s Angels & Entrepreneurs Network.

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Merits of Virtual Black Diamond

  • It gives you access to multiple investment strategies from a variety of experts.
  • You can get decent recommendations from the event.

Is Virtual Black Diamond legit?

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference is legit.

The experts who took part in the event have been actively giving general investment advice to their followers for many years. I have encountered most of them before; usually, as I review their presentations or newsletters.

Whether or not you agree with their approach, they offer genuine advice. However, you should distinguish between general and personalized advice because they mainly offer the former.

They also use overly sales-like language in their presentation. You should look past that and analyze their proposals objectively.

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My Final Word on Virtual Black Diamond

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference was a three-day webinar featuring an array of experts, most of whom work for Money Map Press, Money Morning, and their corporate affiliates. Everything was recorded and the publisher is offering it to you for $149.

They talked about investing but most of it was focused on how you can best navigate the next few months. Almost all of them agree that although the past few months have been turbulent, the ones that follow could be worse.

It is up to you to decide whether or not their recommendations are worth following because the only way we can surely tell whether their predictions are guaranteed is by looking into a crystal ball, and that veers into the realm of fantasy. That being said, I think you can learn something from them.

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