Are “Wonder Plants” Really Worth $1.1 Million? [Review]

I recently stumbled across a presentation that had had the header “Each of these ‘Wonder Plants’ is worth $1.1 Million.”

It was published by the National Institute of Cannabis Investors and appeared to be about investing in a marijuana startup that has the potential to soar 11,113% within a year.

In this review, I examine the merits of these claims and delineate the main talking points of the presentation for your benefit. Keep reading to learn more about the “$1.1 million wonder plants.”

Before we start…

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What is The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants?

John Burke, on behalf of the National Institute of Cannabis Investors (NICI), recently interviewed a man called Mike who founded a tiny marijuana company that is behind a discovery that could be impactful to the industry. At the same time, they estimate that the discovery could propel Mike’s company by 11,113% in one year.

The idea is to invest in the startup now before it goes through this massive growth spurt.

The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants

So what is the discovery that has got them talking about such a growth margin?

In a nutshell, it involves a procedure that rids the cannabis plants of a problematic spider mite that has been ravaging the crop. It also reverses the damage that the pest causes.

The spider mite

The presentation starts with John (the interviewer) talking about a pest that he refers to as a “spider mite” that is a close relative of the black widow spider, tick, and scorpion. But unlike its illustrious relatives, it is very small and can only be viewed under a microscope.

The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants (NICI)

However, it destroys cannabis plants – particularly those that are grown indoors – and reproduces very fast. For example, John says that one reproductive pair can produce up to a million offspring in one month.

Mike chips in and says that the spider mite is most devastating to the cultivators when it attacks the “mother plants.”

The term “mother plant” in the world of cannabis means a plant that is the product of crossbreeding between different strains that have the farmer’s desired blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is from this plant that you clone the plants that are planted on the farm for harvest.

When a spider mite attacks the mother plant, it sucks its chlorophyll and infects it with viruses, mold, and bacteria. The more the plant is attacked, the higher its microbial load gets and the more its genetic makeup is altered. Therefore, the perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes achieved during crossbreeding is tampered with.

As the farmer now clones the weakened mother plant, the quality of the harvest is impacted and it fetches lower prices.

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Mike’s Startup and the $1.1 Million Wonder Plants

This is where Mike’s startup comes in. They have a team of scientists that has discovered a way to safely “turn back the biological clock” of the plant and boost its immune system and they achieve this without pesticides.

They have a proprietary method that eradicates the spider mites as well as other pests and reverses the damage to the genetics so that the mother plant produces offspring with the desired genetic composition. The treated mother plant is called an “elite mother” and it can produce offspring that can generate $1.1 million worth of cannabis in one year – that’s where the “$1.1 Million Wonder Plants” title came from.

Mike says that his startup intends to partner with cultivators to help them produce healthy mother plants, which can boost the annual revenue of some cultivators by up to 278% and output by 67%.

Here are other details about the startup:

  • It is a private company and it was founded in 2017.
  • It has a 10-acre piece of land in San Diego County where they have built a 22,000 square foot greenhouse. They already grow hemp there but they intend to start growing marijuana once they get the license.
  • They want to build 24 more greenhouses but they need $20 million, which they intend to raise from investors – this is where your investment comes in.
  • They want to start growing their crops when they finish up the new greenhouses. Their yield could reach 78,750 pounds per year.
  • They made $1.5 million in 2020 and with expansions in their operations, they may earn $8 million in 2021.

The presentation also gave Mike the platform to pitch his company to potential investors for the upcoming funding round to raise $20 million.

As they were releasing the pitch, the company was valued at $53 million. If everything works out as they intend, the value may go up to $5.94 billion (an 11,113% rise).

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What is the National Institute of Cannabis Investors?

The National Institute of Cannabis Investors (NICI) is a collection of cannabis stakeholders who share information amongst themselves about new investment opportunities in the industry.

The organization has an advisory board, which comprises CEOs of pot companies, doctors working on cannabis therapies, and even politicians. For example, one of the members of the board is John Boehner, the former speaker of the House of Representatives. John Vardaman, another member, is best known for drafting the Cole Memo that defined the federal government’s relationship with states that legalize marijuana.

The advisory board reveals new investment opportunities that the less illustrious members (mostly retail investors through advisory services) may otherwise have never known about.

Tom Gentile and Michael A. Robinson, who work for Money Map Press, are also members of the board. This implies that NICI may be affiliated with Money Map Press (this is just speculation).

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How to invest in the Wonder Plants

The only way to do this is to invest in Mike’s startup.

For details on how to do that, you have to sign up for an advisory service called the Cannabis Venture Syndicate. It is published by the NICI and was created to give retail investors access to information regarding pot companies that are on the rise.

When you subscribe, you receive:

  • The due diligence package. It is a dossier that has the startup’s information that enables you to decide whether you will invest in it.
  • Access to the Deal Room. It is a forum where you discuss startup investment opportunities with other members for an entire week.
  • Access to the Hot Seat Sessions. These are sessions where startup founders pitch their companies to members when they want to raise funds.
  • SWOT analysis. When the team at NICI evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths of a startup they avail their conclusion to members.
  • Access to a database of cannabis companies from where you can pick the ones you will invest in.
  • An invitation to the 100X Angel Investing Boot Camp. Here, you learn how to become an angel investor.
  • An invitation to the annual Cannabis Venture Syndicate retreat.

If you subscribe through the presentation, you will receive details concerning three startups to get you started.

Subscription Fee

The annual membership fee is $1,950.

Cannabis Venture Syndicate Refund Policy

The subscription fee is non-refundable

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Merits of The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants

  • You receive details regarding three cannabis startups, including the one being teased, in case you want to invest in it.
  • You get to join the Cannabis Venture Syndicate at a discount.

Demerits of The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants

  • Investing in a startup is quite risky.

Is The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants legit?

The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants is a legit presentation.

I believe this to be true because the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is a legitimate cannabis-investing news service. It draws members from different backgrounds, including prominent people like John Boehner (a former speaker of the House of Representatives), John Vardaman (drafted the Cole Memo), and Dr. Michael Dor (the head of cannabis research for the Israeli Ministry of health).

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My Final Word on The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants

The Potential $1.1 Million Wonder Plants is a presentation by the NICI that centers on a tiny Californian startup that has been working on a procedure that eradicates pests and diseases in cannabis plants. They also grow the crop and they expect to expand their facilities if they raise the money for that.

They have an upcoming funding round to raise that money and you can acquire a stake in the company if you invest in it.

That being said, the main takeaway from the presentation is that the NICI wants you to sign up for the Cannabis Venture Syndicate, which is one of the advisory services they offer. Becoming a member is the only way you can get the details you need to participate in that funding round.

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